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Replace Old Fashioned Employee Reviews

Truvelop makes evaluating employees quick, easy, and actionable. Truvelop insights pushed to managers and employees post evaluation jump-starts growth and development. Performance management doesn’t have to be painful. Make it meaningful.

Case Study

CleanOffice Customer Success Story
Back in December 2020, CleanOffice decided to adopt a continuous performance management and development strategy.
Replace Old Fashioned Employee Reviews

Starting at $5 per person per month

Real-Time Feedback & Coaching

Starting at $5 per person per month

Real Time Feedback & Coaching

Empower your employees with instant feedback and guidance for continuous growth and development. Reinforce the right behaviors with praise and recognition in the moment when it counts.

Case Study

EHE Health Success Story

Harkins Success Story
As one of our original customers, we started our journey with Harkins Builders out of Columbia, Maryland, back in September 2019.

Develop Your Front-Line Managers

Managers are rarely trained to be effective leaders. Truvelop provides ready access to hundreds of resources, toolkits & guides to foster individual growth and develop managers into better leaders. Employees don’t leave companies, they leave their managers.

Case Study

Customer Success Story: Managers into Leaders
Our greatest purpose is to build better workplaces by strengthening the Manager-Team Member relationship through continuous data-driven, meaningful touchpoints.

Develop Your Front-Line Managers

Starting at $5 per person per month

 Thousands of leaders and managers trust Truvelop to empower their workforce.

5 Stars

“ZIPS Franchising is very excited to launch Truvelop both in our corporate office and in our three corporate owned stores. For all different types of employees, Truvelop provides an easy and effective way for managers to share continuous feedback and track team member’s development. We are looking forward to continuing to grow the program and see the benefits in employee engagement and retention.”

Kathleen Razmus

Director of Operations, ZIPS Cleaners

5 Stars

“The Vonachen Group is excited to partner with Truvelop as an integral part of our talent management strategy. Leveraging their state of the art platform will allow us to baseline our talent, improve the substance and frequency of directional communication and stand behind one of our core tenants, “creating an opportunity for people to grow.” We can’t wait to watch our people and company grow!”

Michael Disparano

COO , The Vonachen Group

5 Stars

“Truvelop is a great tool to keep active communication with direct reports. It is a tool to foster ongoing conversations. Current employees want feedback more than once a year and Truvelop allows us to do that. It encourages communication, but it is not a substitute for in-person communication.”


Manager, Harkins Builders

Get detailed insights into performance management and employee reviews with our Ebook library.

The State of Employee Engagement in a Remote World.


Inspire Your Team to Stay Longer

In the past years, there has been a massive shift in what people prioritize and how they perceive work. Employees want to grow with a team that supports their goals, both personally and professionally. Further, employees want to be valued members of a team that make an impact and foster a culture of collaboration, trust and respect. In Truvelop’s latest e-book, we dive into the best practices for creating a workplace that drives employee retention and inspires them to perform at their best.

Effective Goal-Setting in the Workplace

Setting Up for Success in 2024 With Strategic Planning

We’re halfway through the year; it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare for 2023. For HR managers, this means looking at which of your initiatives are succeeding and which are not. It also means understanding the trends that are currently shaping HR – and the trends that will shape HR in the years to come


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