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Team member evaluation and development that’s efficient and effective with the power to transform workplace performance and engagement.


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Evaluate. Develop. Transform.

Truvelop puts talent evaluation and development in the palm of your hand.

Truvelop goes with managers and team members wherever they go—in the field, on the job site, on business trips. Performance review management that goes with you. 

  • Capture observations in real-time
  • See how your people are performing over time
  • Take the mystery out of managing people
  • Accurate, visual clarity and direction on the talent landscape of your teams, departments, and organizations
  • And much much more...

Saves Managers Time.

Answer a few simple questions and our proprietary algorithm does the rest. Truvelop can replace or enhance quarterly, semi-annual, and year-end team member evaluations.  The app-based solution saves managers time they can spend interacting with and developing their people.




Truvelop Customer Accuracy Rating


Employees who Prefer Real-Time Feedback


Cost to replace an employee based on their salary


Truvelop is Perfect for Organizations Looking to...

  • Capture data-driven observations in real-time

  • Replace or supplement existing time-wasting annual reviews

  • Identify top talent to focus retention and engagement strategies on the right people

  • Develop and/or exit low performers before its too late 

  • Track and trend key performance, attitude and maintenance indicators over time 

  • Drive overall productivity and operational performance

  • And much more

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Truvelop Works for B2B and B2C Companies.

  • Centrally-owned, locally managed
  • Finance
  • Professional services
  • Food services
  • Media/Cable
  • Field Services (Repair, etc.)
  • Construction
  • Property Management
  • Government Agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Non-Profits
  • And Much More!

Truvelop's Spark Feature Captures Observations in Real-Time.

With Spark you can capture and share observations about your team members in real-time. When a team member crushes it in a meeting, saves the company time, or shows a better way to complete a project, Spark will help you capture the moment and build a library of those moments. You can email your observations directly to your team members too!


Easy to Use

Your team is up and running quickly with a simple app that takes only minutes to learn.

Use it Anywhere

Truvelop is cloud-based. Use it on your phone, your tablet, your computer. Use it anywhere, any time.

Insights You Can Act On

Truvelop takes the mystery out of managing people with manager-targeted follow up steps in our Knowledge Center.