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Proactively inspire your team to stay longer and perform at their full potential. 

With real-time feedback and intuitive navigation, Truvelop’s employee retention solution can help you foster higher engagement, stronger manager-employee relationships, greater retention, and increased profitability.

About Truvelop


Truvelop is a desktop and mobile app solution that fosters continuous performance management, growth, and development. It is not just an evaluation tool, but an efficient solution that increases engagement by consistently providing real-time bi-directional feedback and data-driven coaching insights to managers and employees

Industries We Serve.

Truvelop is an ideal employee retention and motivation solution for frontline workers in these industries:

Building Services


Truvelop's average customer accuracy rating for grading and evaluating employee performance.


Employees who prefer real-time feedback to end-of-year reviews.


The average increased cost to your business for replacing an employee.
Now more than ever, employee feedback is essential to managing a team in today’s complex work environment. Truvelop is specifically designed to help organizations generate measurable ROI through seamless employee reviews, continuous performance development, and real-time feedback. Truvelop’s micro-learning training resources and AI-enabled coaching functionality increase management effectiveness and the number of meaningful touchpoints and are proven to drive internal talent mobility and retention of top talent.

Truvelop allows
B2B and B2C
companies to:

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Capture observations in real-time
Take the guess-work out of employee management and development
Drive overall motivation, productivity, and operational performance
Replace or supplement existing time-wasting annual reviews
Develop and/or exit low performers before it’s too late
Measure and track performance over time
And much more

How it works

Truvelop’s spark feature captures observations in real-time.

With Spark you can capture and share observations about your team members in real-time. When a team member crushes it in a meeting, saves the company time, or shows a better way to complete a project, Spark will help you share immediate recognition and build a library of those incredible moments. You can email and text your observations directly to your team members too, letting your team know in the moment how valuable they are to your team.

Real-time evaluations have never been easier:

  • Your managers complete a 15 question evaluation on current team member performance (2 – 3 minutes on average).
  • Our proprietary evaluation scoring algorithm quantifies team member value in real time.
  • Truvelop then provides actionable data-driven insights to guide proactive management responses, effectively coaching your managers into leaders.  
How it works

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