Friday 5: Tips to Ensure Your Team Feels Safe, Secure & Connected

April 24, 2020

Everyone always says look to the flight attendants. If they look calm, it’s ok. If they look concerned – well there’s probably a reason. You’re the leader, the owner, the person in charge. You have to keep poised, calm and in control. Even if you’re scared out of your mind. In this week’s Friday 5, check out some great ways to stay sane and keep your team feeling ok.

1. If you have to break down, do it quickly and quietly.

  • Don’t hide your concern from your managers and employees, but don’t completely lose it and appear lost and helpless. Readily admit if you’re having a bad day, but communicate how you’re lifting yourself out of it. Use these moments as a way to engage your team – with open encouragement.


2. Find ways to promote positivity every day.

  • Send a daily email at the end of each day with 5 great things you did/saw/learned that day – AND 5 great things you heard about employees from your teams. Sing praises, and then bask in that. You helped make that happen!


3. Look to your leaders for support, suggestions, and strategy.

  • Everyone is feeling a bit lost right now, so you want to encourage your leaders to come to you. Take this time to talk to them about how you’re facing each day and finding ways to stay engaged, productive, and as positive as possible.


4. Have fun and encourage fun.


5. We keep saying this, but it bears repeating: Review, appraise, motivate, challenge.

  • Talk to your teams. Let them know how they’re doing. Find out what they really want to do. Show them ways to get there.

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