Adjust and Refocus for the Second Half of 2023

July 18, 2023

At Truvelop, we know that change isn’t just manager-driven. Employees have the ability to drive their own experience and create an environment that inspires growth and engagement. That’s why Truvelop sends out monthly Truvelop Tips directly to the employees of each of our clients. Here’s an excerpt from July’s Employee Truvelop Tip: Adjust and Refocus for the Second Half. 

Now that we’re halfway through the year, it’s time to refocus on what you want to achieve and make any adjustments where they’re needed. You have the ability to be an autonomous driver of your own development, but what does that actually look like?  Are you feeling a little lost about where you want to take your career? Are you feeling demotivated? Not sure how to navigate a development conversation? Truvelop is here to help! 

Career Planning: Without a sense of direction, it can be hard to develop your career forward.  Complete one of Truvelop’s IDP guides to start planning out your future.  These guides also help you to communicate your plans with your Manager, ensuring that you both are on the same page.

Building Motivation: We’ve all had periods of low engagement and motivation.  However, there are ways to build a stronger foundation that will allow us to stay more motivated, more consistently. 

Driving Development Conversations: Did you know that Truvelop breaks down each Evaluation summary in the Employee Resource Center? You can take a deeper dive to understand how you’re currently performing, why that’s important, and what some actionable next steps are for you to take.  There are reflection questions and suggested topics to cover the next time you meet with your Manager, equipping you with the guidance to be an active driver of your development.  

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