AI Improving the HR Experience

September 7, 2021

Companies continue to battle in the raging war on talent, increasing demands on HR teams. Artificial intelligence (AI) and SaaS products are helping HR to improve employee experiences across recruitment, training and day-to-day operations.

According to research from the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration into human resources (HR) practices will make organizations better because these applications can analyze, predict and diagnose to help HR teams make better decisions.

Truvelop is a SaaS best-in-breed performance management and development solution that provides an efficient way to manage performance and development continuously while improving manager and employee relationships. Our desktop and mobile app utilizes data science and artificial intelligence to recognize employee performance patterns, predict employee outcomes, identify strengths and weaknesses to better inform management responses.

Alicia Raymond, Head of People & Culture, for b.well Connected Health, a Truvelop customer, shares, “As a growing company with teams across many states, we need a tool to empower our leaders to provide real time thoughtful, data-driven feedback. A performance management platform that enhances our feedback process while driving engagement and career opportunities propels our leaders and employees for success. We are excited to provide a cutting-edge tool that will continue to drive our goals and mission for b.well.

As the COVID-19 pandemic makes it challenging for employers to determine the best next step and are developing plans A, B, and C for a return to the office, remote work and hybrid options, a digital solution to engage employees, and manage performance is critical. For many industries like construction and healthcare, remote work is the norm and a platform like Truvelop helps employees feel seen and valued for contributions while providing managers real time data to understand their gaps and opportunities.

According to Cesia Gama, HR Manager, for Apartment Turnovers, “Managing  remote teams can be a challenge. What is different about Truvelop is keeping the human element in mind. It’s not just how people get their work done. It’s how we connect with them – providing immediate feedback, supporting open communication, and developing their potential. Partnering with Truvelop will help us create an environment where people find their own happiness.

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