Analyze Data to Ensure That Every Voice Matters

June 11, 2024
One of the many benefits of Truvelop is the messaging our Customer Success team sends to leaders and managers each month. Through Truvelop Tips, we share best practices, proactive recommendations, and quicks tips with end users on various topics. Here is an excerpt from the most recent Truvelop Tip: Analyze Data to Ensure That Every Voice Matters.
Hard to believe that we are quickly approaching the mid-way point of the year! In Q2, we’ve been spending a lot of time considering how you can use data and AI to streamline workflows so that you can better support your team on a human-level. In June, we’re continuing this conversation, but pivoting a bit towards DEIB. Why? According to LinkedIn, “Belonging is a deep-rooted necessity in the human psyche and is the strongest force in engaging employees within the workplace.” If you can strategically use your data to understand what your team wants, then you can make sure that they feel heard, supported, and valued.
Organizations with strong inclusion practices see a number of benefits, including better decision-making, boosted collaboration, greater retention, and greater profits (McKinsey). As a Manager, you drive the culture. You have the ability to foster feelings of belonging and ensure that your team feels valued and included. Be sure to use every resource you have! Ready to get started?
Review Building Motivation and Engagement: Feelings of belonging are closely related to feelings of autonomy and relation. Our Building Motivation and Engagement resource from the Employee Resource Center is a great place to start assessing where your team might need some additional attention.
Spark for Recognition: Celebrating your team’s efforts is a great way to drive feelings of inclusion. By highlighting the impact your individual team members are providing, you’re reminding them that they are a vital member of the organization and that you see and value their efforts. Encourage your team to react to posts on the Recognition Wall to keep the feelings of belonging going.
Leverage Survey: It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle. Use Survey to pulse check what’s important to your team and how included they currently feel at your company. Use the anonymous data to open up a conversation that acknowledges any pain points and shows a commitment towards improvement and growth.
An inclusive culture doesn’t have to be overly complicated. With regular check-ins, recognition, and two-way feedback, you can ensure your team feels like they belong and are included in your organization’s culture.
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