Announcement: Truvelop Spanish Resource Center

March 24, 2021


A few months ago, in December 2020, we welcomed CleanOffice to our expanding list of customers. During the first few meetings, we discovered the opportunity to expand our resources for the end user – a predominantly Spanish-speaking workforce. We decided to work together to create a new Truvelop Resources Center, all in Spanish. 

Gregory S. Buchner, President & CEO, explains why Truvelop is such an important part of their employee development strategy at CleanOffice 

“Over the past few months, Truvelop has optimized our working-relationship by truly demonstrating their commitment as a “partner”.  In fact, when the challenge of working with a workforce that is primarily Spanish-speaking was brought to their attention, the response was basically, “no problem…we got this”.   And by our next meeting, they had taken action in creating a Spanish Resource Center which assures that our workforce has training material that they can easily understand and follow.

Now THAT’s a true partner!”

Thank you, Greg! 


Recursos en español houses how-to videos, translated insights, and tips – all in Spanish. Meryl Goeke, Customer Success Team Membercontinues to update and enhance the Spanish Resource Center. Throughout the process, CleanOffice has worked with us to review scripts, translations, and videos to create the best possible resources for the end userIn the Truvelop app, Recursos en español can be found below the Knowledge Center in the upper righthand corner. 


Here at Truvelop, we value communication and feedback. Whether it’s between a manager and employee, or by expanding our reach to end users; we continue to enhance Truvelop and improve the user experience with the great recommendations received directly from our customers!  

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