Best Practices For Performance Management

April 27, 2023

A study from Gallup Workplace that evaluated why performance management isn’t working, found that just 2 in 10 employees say their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.

According to Gallup, “Moving from performance management to performance development requires managers to think of themselves as coaches, not bosses.”

In fact, back in 2017 Gallup’s CEO shared in a State of the American Workplace study, “The single biggest decision you make in your job — bigger than all the rest — is who you name manager. When you name the wrong person manager, nothing fixes that bad decision. Not compensation, not benefits — nothing.”

The number one challenge facing employers today is retention. When employees can work from anywhere or work predominantly in the field, employees feel disconnected. Managers are key to increased productivity and company success. If a manager lacks in any areas such as organizing, delegating, or mentoring, it can hurt the productivity, efficiency, and engagement of their team. Furthermore, it can also negatively affect the overall development of employees and the business.

Companies offer training for employees in a variety of roles and functions, but there is typically no formal training for management. While high-performing employees are sometimes identified as potential managers and mentored for future roles, most of the time employees are promoted into positions with little training. This is a mistake that can backfire on companies especially now as employees are seeking more feedback, mentorship and development opportunities.

With the Truvelop app, performance management is not a one-sided action. It encourages collaboration and two-way communication between the manager and the employee, while also encouraging ongoing engagement. It is no longer enough to set goals and expect employees to work in isolation without guidance or acknowledgment of progress.

Performance management is not a responsibility for the employee alone- managers play an important role in ensuring performance is optimal and meeting the needs of the team and the company.

Through the Truvelop app, even managers with little experience can learn best practices for engaging with employees. It is a performance management AND management coaching app that aggregates data and provides the manager a dashboard for understanding how their team performs individually and collectively.

With manager cue cards, managers receive prompts for ways to encourage and engage with employees based on their scores. Resources like these help managers better understand where their employees currently are and where there is potential for growth.

The app fosters two-way communication so that employees can request evaluation and feedback, or ask for additional context or clarity following an evaluation. With Truvelop, managers learn how to recognize employees for successes big and small, how to evaluate based on goals, and ways to engage with employees based on their performance.

Managers are rarely trained so a tool like Truvelop is critical to helping companies develop stronger managers who in turn drive retention.

Focusing on creating a supportive, collaborative environment for existing employees will reduce turnover and drive production. Strong, effective managers result in strong, committed, high-performing teams.

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