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Driving More Engagement During Uncertain Times

One of the key factors in any performance appraisal is engagement. The farther current conditions drive each us...

2 min read

Working from Home doesn't have to Feel Like a Crisis...

A crisis may have caused you to work from home, but that doesn’t mean working from home has to feel like a crisis. I...

5 min read


It takes more than just technology and tools to create an effective, remote workforce. 

Over the last week I have seen ...

3 min read

Employee evaluation in a forced remote world

Meeting cancelled. Conference cancelled. Game cancelled. Season suspended.

Universities have moved to online classes.


3 min read

How to Increase Influence as an HR Rock Star

You want a seat at the decision making table. The pathway to that seat and influence is showing ROI to leadership. ROI...

1 min read

Trigger is now Truvelop!

The new year is always a great time to start fresh. It’s a time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished in the previous...

2 min read

Truvelop Intern Journal Pt. 2

[Archived from 1/13/20]

Since my last update in September 2019, Truvelop and I have changed a lot.

The growth of my...

1 min read

The Future of HR Tech

[Archived from 11/25/19]

2020 has to have something coming. Mars colonization? Nuclear fusion? AI advancements? What...

1 min read

The History of HR Tech

[Archived from 11/24/19]

The Industrial Revolution brought millions of immigrants coming to the US looking for work. A...

1 min read

Truvelop Intern Journal Pt. 1

[Archived from 10/11/19]

Hi, my name is Gavin Dinkel, and I am employee number two of our sales team at Truvelop.


2 min read

Production isn't the only thing you should measure

[Archived from 9/7/19]

Talent alone is not enough. The former Oakland Raiders, now Las Vegas Raiders, learned that...