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Discover best practices, new features, and great ways to use Truvelop to evaluate, develop, and transform.




The Truvelop blog is a knowledge center showcasing new trends, best practices, and recommendatinos to evaluate, engage, develop, and improve the performance of your teams.

2 min read

A Message from CEO and Co-Founder Lisa First-Willis

Our Journey

It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since we started Truvelop (Trigger Transformation...

2 min read

Friday Five: Keeping Teams Connected & Interacting in Remote Times

“Managers…no longer dread monthly skillset assessments because they have all their data ready to go from using the...

5 min read


Times have changed. Remote work is no longer a one-off luxury for a few employees. It's become the norm, for now at...

2 min read

New Resource Center: Diversity & Inclusion

Truvelop is devoted to helping you create and foster an open and diverse place of work. As promised, we have been...

1 min read

Driving More Engagement During Uncertain Times

As we are all transitioning to remote work for the long and near-future, performance appraisals have become a new...

2 min read

WFH Burnout: Tips for Prevention

While working from home, it is easy to lose track of your physical and mental health and become solely wrapped up in...

2 min read

The New Normal & What It Means for the Restaurant & Service Industries

Let’s just face it - we are in crazy times. Our world has been turned upside down. Our work, our family, and our...

2 min read

Client Success: Walter Electric

The world has changed a lot since October 2019 when Walter Electric enlisted the services of Truvelop. Our...

1 min read

Managing Remote Teams During 2020’s New Normal

Companies large and small are embracing the new normal of managing remote workers (or a combination of remote and...

2 min read

5 Tips for Improving Your Team's Engagement While Working Remotely

We're months into this new normal that 2020 brought us, and many of us have been and will remain remote for the near...

4 min read

Employee Evaluation In a Remote World

Meeting cancelled. Conference cancelled. Game cancelled. Season in flux.

Most schools are going online this fall.


2 min read

Top 10 Places to Work: What makes them so great year after year?

Every year Fortune Magazine puts out its list of Top 10 places to work, and every year many of the same companies make...

3 min read

Tuesday Tips: Working From home

The COVID-19 quarantine has created perhaps the largest ever remote workforce. Initially people were loving the...

5 min read

Friday Focus: Truvelop’s Features Showcase

Truvelop has a variety of proven features that can provide your team with engaging and actionable communication and...

2 min read

Tuesday Tip: Employee Retention

According to a late 2019 report from The Conference Board, only 54% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. This...

2 min read

Friday Focus: Keeping Morale High in Times of Social Distancing

As working from home stretches into its fourth month, with potentially no end in sight, morale is becoming a primary...

2 min read

Tuesday Tip: Overcoming Challenges through Collaboration

Not everything goes perfectly all the time – no matter where you are. In work or in life, every day is full of new...

5 min read

Friday Focus: Client Success Best Friends Fur Ever

Best Friends Fur Ever (BFFE), a dog daycare facility with over 80 employees came to Truvelop for help in managing an...

1 min read

Celebrating Juneteenth

Today, as we observe and celebrate #Juneteenth, Truvelop reiterates its commitment to impacting positive change in...

1 min read

Helping Your People Get Back to Work Safely

Recently, Truvelop expanded our partnership with 1Rivet, the company that helped us develop our original app and...

2 min read

#Tuesday Tip: The Power of the Dashboard

When we start our workday, nearly all of us log into a dashboard of some sort to check performance of something,...

2 min read

Friday Focus: Planning for a Return to Normal

Planning a “return to normal” is something we’ve all been thinking about. But as that picture changes almost every...

3 min read

Friday Five: The pandemic can go! But what should stay?

Everything about our world has changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And change can have a negative connotation....

1 min read

Turning Observations Into Conversations that Help Your People Grow

Truvelop’s foundation is all about managers communicating with and engaging their teams based on real-time, ongoing...

2 min read

Three Pillars to Success in Remote Work Times

The recent pandemic has tested the strength and resilience of our workplaces. Depending on industry and location, some...

2 min read

Finding the balance between vital information and data overload

In any time - good or bad - information overload can paralyze people, keeping them stuck in uncertainty instead of...

2 min read

Friday Five: The Job Security Conversation

Every week the unemployment numbers become more and more staggering. Furloughs, reductions in force and layoffs are...
2 min read

Staying connected - how and when to check in without risk of overload

Ok so we’re a several weeks into this new remote work-world and we definitely have more than a few weeks ahead of us....

2 min read

Friday Five: Navigating Technology in a Remote World

As you settle into the new virtual, remote work life, you may find yourself at times drowning in the flood of...
2 min read

What Businesses Can Learn from a Successful Virtual NFL Draft

No man hugs. No bands. No crowds. And still the NFL set a ratings record for the number of people who watched the draft...

2 min read

Friday 5: Tips to Keep Your Sanity AND KEEP Your Team Feeling Safe, Secure, & Connected

Everyone always says look to the flight attendants. If they look calm, it’s ok. If they look concerned - well there’s...

1 min read

What Part-Time & Gig Employees Need to Focus on Now

As the details about federal and state/local stimulus packages are emerging, everyone has questions. And if you are a...

2 min read

5 Tips for Engaging your Teams

Friday Five with Five Tips For Engaging Your Teams!
1. Keep it fun.
  • Taco Tuesdays, Casual Fridays and Happy Hours...
1 min read

How to Recruit in a Virtual and On-Hold Time

Times are weird - they’re virtual and on hold. Most companies are either swamped or paused, with very little in-between.
2 min read

Good Habits to Navigate Turbulent Times

Three weeks into isolation isn’t long enough to make working from home feel like second nature for most people. But...

2 min read

Working from Home doesn't have to Feel Like a Crisis...

A crisis may have caused you to work from home, but that doesn’t mean working from home has to feel like a crisis. I...

3 min read

How to Increase Influence as an HR Rock Star

You want a seat at the decision making table. The pathway to that seat and influence is showing ROI to leadership. ROI...

1 min read

Trigger is now Truvelop!

The new year is always a great time to start fresh. It’s a time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished in the previous...

2 min read

Truvelop Intern Journal Pt. 2

[Archived from 1/13/20]

Since my last update in September 2019, Truvelop and I have changed a lot.

The growth of my...

1 min read

The Future of HR Tech

[Archived from 11/25/19]

2020 has to have something coming. Mars colonization? Nuclear fusion? AI advancements? What...

1 min read

The History of HR Tech

[Archived from 11/24/19]

The Industrial Revolution brought millions of immigrants coming to the US looking for work. A...

1 min read

Truvelop Intern Journal Pt. 1

[Archived from 10/11/19]

Hi, my name is Gavin Dinkel, and I am employee number two of our sales team at Truvelop.


2 min read

Production isn't the only thing you should measure

[Archived from 9/7/19]

Talent alone is not enough. The former Oakland Raiders, now Las Vegas Raiders, learned that...