In Review: BSCAI Contracting Success Conference

November 24, 2021

Last week, Truvelop CEO and Co-Founder Lisa First-Willis and Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers had the opportunity to attend the BSCAI Contracting Success Conference.  Thanks to the introduction from Truvelop customer Greg Buchner, President and CEO of CleanOffice, we were able to meet so many incredible members of the Building Service Contractors Association International as a new Affinity Partner.  We couldn’t have had a better time at our first BSCAI conference!  

Delivering Effective Feedback to Spark Self Reflection and Growth 

Throughout the conference, there were several breakout sessions where speakers talked about anything from marketing, to retention, and even commercial insurance.  This was such a great way to hear about how everyone continues to navigate this agile market and exchange ideas for how to move forward.  In one of the breakout sessions, Lisa First-Willis delivered a presentation on Delivering Effective Feedback to Spark Self Reflection and Growth.  With a national focus on the employee experience, people certainly saw the value in this topic and filled up any open seats.   

In the presentation, Lisa hit on many pressing topics: 1) the importance of delivering real time feedback, 2) what the different types of feedback are and what they look like in action, 3) how Managers can inspire self-reflection in their regular check-ins, and 4) how Managers can leverage Individual Development Plans.  We saw awesome participation and heard great ways organizations have been working towards continuous development with the focus on strengthening the Manager-Employee relationship by creating cultures founded on transparent communication.    

Networking Roundtables 

Another fun part of the conference Lisa and Juliana participated in was the Networking Roundtables.  Each table had a different topic that was covered for 20 minutes, and then everyone moved on to a different table to continue the knowledge share.  With Lisa’s extensive background in HR, she was able to share her expertise in Creative Ways to Increase Retention.  Juliana was looked to for input during the Marketing and Social Media Strategies discussion to share ideas on how organizations could be leveraging social platforms like TikTok and Instagram to create a more cohesive brand and connect with their employees and potential hires.  The last table the women attended discussed the upcoming COVID restrictions and how organizations will be navigating these changes.  With many of Truvelop’s customers facing these same upcoming changes, it was a very enlightening discussion and sparked ideas for how we can best support our users going forward.   

Next Steps 

Being an Affinity Partner with BSCAI is an incredible opportunity.  We are so excited to continue to grow the connections we made during the conference.  We are proud to work with contractors who are committed to improving communication with their employees to build a culture that values personal and professional growth. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and Lisa’s talk! It was great meeting everyone. 

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