Building the Right Product for the Right Time

September 16, 2020

When COVID-19 took center stage in March of this year, many businesses shifted their attention toward forming an immediate response to the pandemic. Even still, 2020 has presented a unique opportunity for Truvelop. The reason why? Our product is well suited for businesses looking for HR performance management tools that deliver in a remote work environment.

A Look at Our Year

Here is a brief look into our latest utilization stats this year. Truvelop users have logged close to 2,500 employee evaluations in 2020. Of those evaluations, 1,050 were completed during the lockdown from March to May. The positive momentum only continued from there when we set our monthly evaluation record in July with a whopping 472 employee evaluations completed.

Our newer features have gained a lot of traction in the last 6 months as well. A new type of data point called Spark allows supervisors to easily capture performance observations, goal progress, notes, or new tasks in just seconds – especially when using Spark mobile. Spark facilitates real time feedback, coaching and documentation all at the same time. Of the 1,116 Sparks that have been logged in 2020, 404 took place during the three-month shutdown period.

Two other areas of functionality developed in direct response to the pandemic and released within the last few months are Truvelop’s Recognition Wall and our new Survey functionality. The Recognition Wall provides a social media aspect to the Truvelop app. The effectiveness of a live feed enables instant discussion, shared information and company-wide recognition regardless of where an employee is working. Lastly, Truvelop’s Survey functionality provides a way for companies to create customized surveys and job competency related evaluations directly within the App.

Our final stats to highlight include our algorithm accuracy rating of 97% as rated by evaluators and 0% churn. Lastly, we are proud to say that we have not lost a single customer due to the pandemic!

The Story Behind the Stats

These statistics tell a very important story. Remember, one of the key purposes of using Truvelop is to improve employee engagement and productivity through continuous evaluation and feedback. Managers are completing multiple evaluations throughout the year and starting to deliver feedback in the moment – when it counts. This is so important because we know that increasing communication is a proven way to ease uncertainty and build trust.

In short, Truvelop is working. Our app is helping companies stay engaged and organized through the current crisis with our agile HR technology framework. Our solution is adaptive and responsive to today’s complex work environment. Truvelop is proving to be a vital risk mitigation tool as companies are relying on current, relevant data collected within the app to make tough, long overdue employment related decisions.

Bottom line, we built the right product at the right time. HR technology is useless if no one uses it. Truvelop is intuitive and easy for managers to use and the workflow within the app makes sense. Truvelop is a win-win for managers and employees. It’s time to rethink performance management.

Truvelop: The Right Product for Managing Employees and Teams in a Remote Work Environment

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