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Case Studies & Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. See how Truvelop can work for everyone at your organization.
Kathy Humm
Employees are starving for real-time feedback. Truvelop is easy to use and encourages employee/manager engagement and records these valuable conversations to track trends in performance.
Kathy Humm, Director of Human Resources
Harkins Builders
When you are in field operations, time is a luxury and teams tend to forget about the employees that are in remote locations. Truvelop has been a great and easy tool that is helping us create the habit of constant feedback to all employees, anywhere they are, making us process-think about their good qualities and ways to guide them to get better.
Rene Brunal, VP of Operations
The Truvelop team is engaging, willing and able. We know that we have a partner that we can discuss ideas with, assist us in execution, and considers feedback important. The ability to have interactive training and know that our requests will be met with a willingness of “sure, no problem” is extremely valuable to us.

Clean Office

During our first few onboarding meetings, we discovered the opportunity to expand our resources for CleanOffice’s end-user – a predominantly Spanish-speaking workforce. We decided to work together to create a new Truvelop Resource Center, all in Spanish.


EHE Health

For the last 16+ months, the preventive healthcare company has continued to adapt. With a high infection rate and ever-changing regulations in NYC, their chances of going back to an in-person environment dropped significantly. For EHE Health, Truvelop proved to be a much-needed constant with a stabilizing effect across the organization.

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Independence Housing Authority

Independence Housing Authority, based out of Independence, Missouri, is dedicated to the creation and maintenance of quality affordable housing, fostering a community founded on respect and decency. That same foundation of respect and decency is afforded to their staff as well, as they leverage Truvelop to increase transparent communication focused on growth and support.


Harkins Builders

As a multi-site operations organization with over 220 employees, Harkins needed a solution that would be easy to use, mobile-friendly, and data-driven, leading them to land on Truvelop for their performance management and development platform.


First Financial

Two years ago, in December 2018, we were preparing to launch our commercial product designed to help businesses revitalize their performance evaluation process. In 2021, we will celebrate our second year in the market.

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DP Solutions

Prior to Truvelop, DP Solutions used email to give shout-outs to recognize achievements and success. While employees were being recognized, it was not easy for managers or employees to keep track of or refer to. Using Spark allows all real-time feedback to be readily and easily available.