2021 Performance Management

HR Tech 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new HR performance management technologies, driving innovation and more efficient ways of engaging and managing employees. “COVID and societal issues shed light on the need for new HR capabilities. The COVID...

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Using Meaningful Reflection to Renew Commitment

One of the many ways that Truvelop supports our customers is by offering monthly user community Lunch and Learns.  Each month has it's own theme that looks at current performance trends, how it may be affecting a Manager's experience, and what Managers can be doing...

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How Truvelop Leverages Performance Psychology

This past Friday, Juliana Withers, a member of our Customer Success Team, graduated from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology with her Master’s Degree in Performance Psychology.  When she first entered the program, Juliana was...

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Management Cue Cards

Evaluating team members means nothing if the data is not used to support them. When conducted as a routine exercise to meet company policy with no outcomes, employee assessments can become a burden and seemingly useless task for both employees and managers....

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Creating Space for Challenging Conversations

Employers have begun to recognize that employees do not have two versions of themselves – a work persona and a personal one. Experiences, emotions and challenges can’t be stripped off like a coat at the office door. Virtual work environments have made this...

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In the HR industry, talent development is mainly focused on “employees”, which typically means those working at lower levels of the organizational structure. The development of managers is often overlooked. Managers play an important role in driving a successful...

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