Agile Workforce

The Truth About Performance Management

How is your employee experience? According to Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Report for 2020, companies that offer their employees an enriching experience are more likely to have energized, engaged workers. As organizations develop their HR strategies this year, a...

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Client Success: Walter Electric

The world has changed a lot since October 2019 when Walter Electric enlisted the services of Truvelop. Our relationship started when the electrical contractor decided it was time to replace their dated employee performance review process. Up until that point, the...

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Friday Focus: Truvelop’s Features Showcase

Truvelop has a variety of proven features that can provide your team with engaging and actionable communication and motivation tools. Below is a highlight of our most used features, as well as the underdogs – the ones we love that don’t yet get enough attention....

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Helping Your People Get Back to Work Safely

Recently, Truvelop expanded our partnership with 1Rivet, the company that helped us develop our original app and continues to help us support our customers. 1Rivet has developed an app called MyHealthyWork, an easy-to-use, intuitive tool that helps organizations...

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Friday Focus: Planning for a Return to Normal

Planning a “return to normal” is something we’ve all been thinking about. But as that picture changes almost every day, it’s difficult to make a plan, let alone an implementation timeline for returning to the workplace. It’s hard to tell what post-pandemic life...

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Three Pillars to Success in Remote Work Times

The recent pandemic has tested the strength and resilience of our workplaces. Depending on industry and location, some businesses have flourished and sadly, many others have had to shut down – some temporarily, some permanently. Truvelop’s solution was actually...

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