Navigating The Great Resignation

Organizations worldwide are facing the reality of ‘The Great Resignation’: a mass exodus of employees. The pandemic forced many organizations to adopt remote workforces for the first time. With this transition,  many employees are now exposed to a new sense of...

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Sharing Holistic Support in the Workplace

When we hear the word “holistic,” we think whole or entire.  In terms of holistic support, that can include the whole organization, or the whole team, or the whole employee.  Each of these lenses allows us to take a step back and consider what all is affecting...

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Effective Goal Setting in the Workplace

Goal setting is the most customary practice in any workplace, but are we using the most efficient techniques? Knowing how to set goals is an important soft skill to have as a manager. According to OPM, “By aligning employee performance with organizational goals,...

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