Effective Management

Data in 2024

In January's Truvelop Tip, employees are reminded of the all of the data that they have at their fingertips and how they can use it to drive growth.

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What You Missed in December 2023

The end of the year can always feel a bit hectic. There's a sense of urgency to get some last items over the finish line and yet everyone just wants to get to their holiday break. As a manager, there's also the EOY reviews to tackle. In December, the Truvelop team...

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What You Missed in October

As a manager, you need to be equipped with easy to access and easy to digest learning materials in order to best support your team. Agile learning isn't a new phenomenon, but it is definitely one that has moved into the spotlight as organizations attempt to keep up...

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How to Ensure Rater Reliability

Ongoing evaluations are critical to driving performance and engaging employees. While data and observation are key to an effective evaluation, evaluations can also be influenced by a person’s mood and recent experience, which could negatively impact what otherwise...

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Performance Evaluations with Context

Evaluations are great ways to document performance and productivity. With the Truvelop app, we make it easy for managers to routinely evaluate employees and even provide employees the option to request an evaluation. However, evaluations can lack context, so they...

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