Goal Setting

Data in 2024

In January's Truvelop Tip, employees are reminded of the all of the data that they have at their fingertips and how they can use it to drive growth.

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Purpose-Led Learning

In recent months, the Truvelop team has started supplementing their monthly Manager messaging with a monthly Toolkit. This toolkit organizes all of Truvelop’s resources around the monthly theme and delivers the learning materials in an easily digestible way. From...

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Management Coaching

In most businesses, managers are bosses. They aren’t leaders and they certainly aren’t coaches. What’s the difference? Management is a task- and process-oriented role focused on supervising and getting things done. While coaching focuses on employee development....

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Pulse Checks for Employees

Employee needs evolve and managers must be in-tune to these changes in order to engage their team effectively. Managers can’t assume to know what employees need or want; trusted two-way communication with frequent pulse checks is the best way to ensure employees...

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Quiet Quitting in the Office

During the summer months, employees and managers alike can find themselves disengaged. There is a pull to be less present in the workplace. Maintaining an engaged and motivated workforce is vital to a thriving organization and enhancing your customer experience....

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