What You Missed in August

Here at Truvelop, our managers are collecting thousands of data points every single week. But it isn't enough to just collect the data - it's what the managers do with the data that really matters. In August, our team explores the importance of data and its role in...

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What You Missed in November

Throughout November, our team shared content focused on gratitude and renewing commitment.  When employees take the time to reflect on what they appreciate most about their work experience, they're going to feel more engaged, motivated, and have a more positive...

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What You Missed in November, 2021

In November, we saw a theme of Giving Thanks to Give It Your All.  With the holidays and the new year coming up, it is time to take stock of what we appreciate most in our day-to-day.  Reflecting on the positives can help to bring a lighter perspective on our...

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Giving Thanks to Give It Your All

Earlier today, Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers hosted November's Truvelop User Community Lunch and Learn.  This month's topic was all about Giving Thanks to Give It Your All. With the holidays quickly approaching, our team wanted to take a moment to...

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