Inside the App

Truvelop’s One-Stop Data Storage

Managers are expected to shoulder a lot of responsibility and are held to a standard many can’t meet because they aren’t trained properly. Too often managers bear the brunt of negative outcomes, some of which could legally impact the company and, while it isn’t...

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What You Missed in May (2022)

  Managers are in such a unique position for influencing the employee experience.  With retention and engagement being top priorities, having strong leadership is more important than ever. Managers need the support, resources, tools, and guidance to effectively...

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Inside the App: Identifying Potential Leaders

We have frequently advised businesses battling the Great Resignation to look within when identifying candidates for new roles as an alternative to pushing the boulder up the recruitment hill. As managers, we can inadvertently take for granted the strong employees,...

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Inside the App: Data is the Foundation

The Truvelop app is a comprehensive tool but like many tools, the information put into it determines how well it performs. Employee assessments are more than an indicator for an annual raise or bonus. Employee performance can be monitored, redirected and improved....

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Inside the App: Time to Hire or Replace

Turnover is hard – and expensive. Even though we’re in the midst of a revolving door of exiting employees, it’s hard to consider intentionally letting someone go. However, an employee who isn’t carrying their weight and leaving colleagues to pick up the slack could...

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Inside the App: Managing Employees Anywhere

Performance management has changed drastically over the past two years. Regardless if employees were already part of a distributed workforce or learning how to work remotely for the first time, expectations and performance demands have shifted, adding a new layer...

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