Mentoring Construction Employees

Employees stay with companies as they become embedded in their jobs and their communities. As they participate in their professional and community life, they develop a web of connections and relationships, both on and off the job. Leaving a job would require...

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Mentoring Your Building Services Employees

According to Deloitte, nearly 75% of workers have experienced burnout in the past year. Employees are feeling overworked and undervalued – it's time to refresh their perspective and support their wellbeing by fostering mentorships between managers and their direct...

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Managers as Leaders

According to SHRM, “research indicates that both HR professionals and executives view leadership development as a major human capital challenge now and in the foreseeable future.” First, organizations must understand the difference between a manager and a leader....

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What You Missed in January

Did you know that January is National Mentorship month? In 2023, there is going to be increased pressure to retain talent while organizations combat the recession with hiring freezes. For managers, this means creatively engaging their teams so that they are...

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Mentoring and Upskilling

As reported by the BBC, upskilling is one of the most urgent challenges the workforce faces. With an aging workforce, an increase in the gig economy, and a highly competitive labor market, companies are focused on developing and advancing internal talent to fill...

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Mentorship in Action

Last week, our Customer Success team led January's Lunch and Learn, Manager as Mentor.  As we head into 2023, there is going to be a renewed focus on employee retention as organizations balance a hiring freeze and limited workforce in a recession.  For managers,...

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