Mindfulness in the Workplace Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a joyful time filled with celebration and time to unwind at year’s end. But with all the preparation for the holidays can come added stress in the workplace as employees frantically wrap up projects and plan for the new year before taking a...

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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The CDC estimates depression can cause 200 million lost workdays each year at the cost of $17 billion to $44 billion to employers.   Employers who create a culture that recognizes and supports mental health can decrease...

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Mindfulness in the Workplace

According to the American Psychiatric Association, “Excessive workplace stress causes a staggering 120,000 deaths and results in nearly $190 billion in health care costs each year. This represents 5% to 8% of national health care spending, derived primarily from...

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Truvelop Tip: Mindfulness in the Workplace

Later this week, Truvelop's Customer Success leader Sam Clavelli will host her fourth User Community Lunch and Learn session. Over 75 participants across our customer base have joined these Zoom sessions to learn about proactive management strategies and how best...

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