Real-Time Feedback

Year-Round Employee Evaluations

It’s the third quarter and company leaders across all industries are beginning to plan for the new year. An important part of planning is forecasting talent gaps and budgets related to payroll and bonus structures. It is curious, however, that many companies are...

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Performance Evaluations with Context

Evaluations are great ways to document performance and productivity. With the Truvelop app, we make it easy for managers to routinely evaluate employees and even provide employees the option to request an evaluation. However, evaluations can lack context, so they...

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People as Capital

Last week, our Customer Success Team led another Lunch and Learn for the managers in our user community to kick off the new quarter.  In People as Capital, our audience explored the connection between skills development to overall organizational success and how...

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Skilled Labor Talent

As workers leave industries entirely versus simply taking a job at a competing company, manufacturing and hospitality businesses, in particular, are struggling more than others to find and retain talent. According to McKinsey, “There are approximately 3 million...

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