What You Missed in December 2023

The end of the year can always feel a bit hectic. There's a sense of urgency to get some last items over the finish line and yet everyone just wants to get to their holiday break. As a manager, there's also the EOY reviews to tackle. In December, the Truvelop team...

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What You Missed in December

Throughout December, our team shared content focused on identifying manager trends heading into 2023. One of the biggest pieces our team trains users on is that Truvelop is first and foremost a tool - a tool that can be leveraged in a variety of ways to best...

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Energize For The New Year

The end of the year can offer much-needed rest and time with loved ones, but the weeks leading up to it can be some of the most stressful of the entire year. Managers need to take extra care to ensure employees go into the new year feeling motivated, valued and...

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What You Missed in December, 2022

In December, we saw a theme of Meaningful Reflection to Renew Commitment.  At the end of every year, people tend to reflect on all that occurred these past twelve months.  From major milestones and achievements, to obstacles and rough patches, there is a lot to...

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Using Meaningful Reflection to Renew Commitment

One of the many ways that Truvelop supports our customers is by offering monthly user community Lunch and Learns.  Each month has it's own theme that looks at current performance trends, how it may be affecting a Manager's experience, and what Managers can be doing...

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