Employee Goals

Gone are the days of the annual review that gets filed away with no value other than a perfunctory task managers are required to complete. Today, reviews should be done frequently throughout the year and be used to inform goal development based on the employee’s...

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Goal Setting

Is your team surviving or thriving? Are they doing just enough or striving to improve? According to studies from Gartner, nearly 60% of the workforce needs new skills to do their jobs right. As shared in an article from Forbes, “To stay current, the key is...

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Inside the App: Setting Goals

The old performance management playbook has been thrown out the window. Neither managers nor employees see any value in an annual, one-sided review, and are discovering the benefits of collaboration in developing work plans and goals that help employees remain...

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New Year, New Hires: Onboarding Best Practices

Today we hosted our monthly Truvelop User Community Lunch and Learn and focused on the topic of onboarding.  With so many organizations recovering from the Great Resignation and rebuilding their numbers, onboarding has been a top priority to start 2022.  For that...

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Inside the App: Goal Setting

The holidays are upon us and as teams complete last-minute tasks and wind down planning for the new year, motivation can be low. However, a return from break in the new year typically results in a burst of excitement and new energy, and managers should direct that...

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