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Fostering Inclusion in Remote Work Times

Having to manage a team is already a tough job, and now with remote work, it has become even more difficult. Face-to-face interactions really make a difference, as everything is more personable. However, with employees now being spread out across countless...

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Client Success: Walter Electric

The world has changed a lot since October 2019 when Walter Electric enlisted the services of Truvelop. Our relationship started when the electrical contractor decided it was time to replace their dated employee performance review process. Up until that point, the...

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Tuesday Tips: Working From home

The COVID-19 quarantine has created perhaps the largest ever remote workforce. Initially people were loving the flexibility and quality family time (and lack of commute). But as time marches on, the glaring issues that come with long term working from home emerge;...

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Tuesday Tip: Employee Retention

According to a late 2019 report from The Conference Board, only 54% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. This means that almost half of working class Americans are not satisfied with their jobs. Do you wonder if your employees fall within that 46%? Well in...

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#Tuesday Tip: The Power of the Dashboard

When we start our workday, nearly all of us log into a dashboard of some sort to check performance of something, trends, stats, etc. This week’s Tuesday Tip highlights the Truvelop Dashboard. In today’s new normal of a very remote workforce, employers and managers...

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