Inside the App: Analyzing Talent Landscape

As the year winds down to a close and managers reflect on the accomplishments and challenges of the year, understanding the talent landscape is critical to effective planning for the new year. If you’ve been conducting ongoing employee assessments in the Truvelop...

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Inside the App: Communication

Communication is key to successful manager-employee relationships and strong teams. Our team recently shared some tips for developing more transparent communication with and among your team. However, first, you will need to analyze the current environment. Do your...

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Fostering Inclusion in Remote Work Times

Having to manage a team is already a tough job, and now with remote work, it has become even more difficult. Face-to-face interactions really make a difference, as everything is more personable. However, with employees now being spread out across countless...

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Driving More Engagement During Uncertain Times

As we are all transitioning to remote work for the long and near-future, performance appraisals have become a new challenge. One of the key factors in any performance appraisal is engagement. The farther current conditions drive each us physically apart from each...

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Tuesday Tip: Employee Retention

According to a late 2019 report from The Conference Board, only 54% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. This means that almost half of working class Americans are not satisfied with their jobs. Do you wonder if your employees fall within that 46%? Well in...

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