Truvelop Assessment

How to Ensure Rater Reliability

Ongoing evaluations are critical to driving performance and engaging employees. While data and observation are key to an effective evaluation, evaluations can also be influenced by a person’s mood and recent experience, which could negatively impact what otherwise...

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Truvelop Retains Front-Line and Hourly Workers

Last week was a busy time for the Truvelop team! We had team members in Las Vegas attending the Transform 2023 conference and then followed up with the Cleaning and Cocktails event hosted by Rozalado Services back in Washington D.C.  Throughout all of our...

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Friday Focus: Truvelop’s Features Showcase

Truvelop has a variety of proven features that can provide your team with engaging and actionable communication and motivation tools. Below is a highlight of our most used features, as well as the underdogs – the ones we love that don’t yet get enough attention....

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