CHRA Post-Conference Reflection

April 27, 2022

Last week, Truvelop CEO and Co-Founder Lisa First-Willis had the privilege of speaking at the CHRA Spring Conference and shared some creative ways to inspire, engage and retain your talent by adopting a High-Performance Culture. Some key takeaways included reasons why employees leave and the impact the manager-employee relationship has on the overall employee experience. A PDF of the presentation can be found here 

Here at Truvelop, we believe that employees leave their Managers, not organizations. Having Managers that inspire, motivate, and engage their direct reports on a consistent and frequent basis is a crucial part of creating the best possible employee experience and a high-performance culture. However, rarely are Managers actually trained how to be effective leaders.   

Managers are the first line of defense against turnover and low engagement, and yet most aren’t equipped to lead their teams. Truvelop addresses this issue head on with our easy-to-use web-based platform and mobile App that enables companies to adopt a best-in-class continuous approach to performance management and development, deliver real time feedback and improve manager and employee relationships on the front line.    

With Truvelop, Managers quickly adopt proactive versus reactive management behaviors. Our proprietary coaching engine uses data collected in the platform to deliver targeted recommendations and pushes actionable insights to managers enabling them to take the next step and be better leaders.  Here’s a sneak peek into the Manager experience on the Truvelop platform.  

Bottom line, Truvelop helps companies foster a high-performance culture that values growth and development, makes work better by turning managers into leaders, improves manager and employee relationships, and ultimately solves for retention.

Thank you to CHRA for hosting a great event! We had a great time!


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