CleanOffice Customer Success Story

October 7, 2021

Back in December 2020, CleanOffice decided to adopt a continuous performance management and development strategy. At the time, CleanOffice was looking for a solution to address the problems outlined below:

  • Limited data or visibility into the workforce to address turnover.
  • Desire to improve front-line employee engagement and development.
  • Improve ability to track & document data to reference when completing annual reviews.
  • Desire to identify a simpler, more “employee-friendly” tool to facilitate coaching and employee performance development

After looking at several solutions, they decided upon Truvelop. Why? Truvelop’s easy-to-use and instant feedback functionality through the mobile app would not only increase employee engagement, but also create a more efficient talent management and development process.

Prior to Truvelop, managers at CleanOffice were predominately delivering feedback to team members through a combination of verbal communication and SMS text. While this was an effective way of delivering real time feedback, it was just a small piece of the full performance story; those touchpoints disappear in a matter of days. In addition, there was limited access to documented data for future reference.

As an operations-based employer that dispatches workers to multiple worksites throughout the day, they needed a mobile solution to capture their observations and provide in-the-moment feedback. In came Truvelop, an easy-to-use mobile solution to help adopt a continuous performance management and development strategy.

“When you are in field operations, every second counts. And it’s easy to forget that our front-line employees that are in remote locations, and in many cases are working independently. Truvelop has been a great and easy tool that is helping us create the habit of constant feedback to all employees, anywhere they are, making us process-think about their good qualities and ways to guide them to their best performance.” – Rene Brunal, Vice President of Operations


With Truvelop, CleanOffice managers focus on 3 key components to continuous performance management and development:

  1. Completing evaluations on a monthly basis to identify internal talent mobility and upskilling opportunities. 69% of CleanOffice’s talent landscape are B Players: rising, steady and improvement performers. The app allows Managers and Team Members to track and trend performance month over month and receive action-oriented guidance on what to do next. Performance is bound to fluctuate and having an app that efficiently tracks and trends how each Team Member is doing allows CleanOffice to celebrate growth and identify focus areas. CleanOffice Managers are encouraged to invigorate, motivate, and educate B Players to help them reach their full potential.
  2. Support development with ongoing, real time feedback on strengths and growth opportunities through Spark weekly. Since launch, real time feedback has increased by 30% and continues to follow an upward trajectory. Managers and Team Members are actively engaging in praise, recognition, and coaching opportunities through two-way communication, right in the app! The more touchpoints the better to increase engagement and build trust.
  3. Upskilling and development opportunities for managers with the Team Member Dashboard, Knowledge Center, and Lunch & Learns. Being a leader means going beyond simply managing tasks. In order for Team Members to be autonomous and continue to grow, it starts with a strong role model for exactly that. CleanOffice Managers continue to be proactive in their development by learning about best practices and how to go from Manager to Coach to Leader. By following management insights and developing management competencies, they are taking the time and initiative for their own growth opportunities.


During our first few onboarding meetings, we discovered the opportunity to expand our resources for CleanOffice’s end-user – a predominantly Spanish-speaking workforce. We decided to work together to create a new Truvelop Resource Center, all in Spanish.

Gregory S. Buchner, President & CEO, explains why Truvelop is such an important part of their employee development strategy at CleanOffice:

“Truvelop has optimized our working-relationship by truly demonstrating their commitment as a ‘partner’. In fact, when the challenge of working with a workforce that is primarily Spanish-speaking was brought to their attention, the response was basically, ‘no problem…we got this’. And by our next meeting, they had taken action in creating a Spanish Resource Center which assures that our workforce has training material that they can easily understand and follow. Now THAT’s a true partner!”

Recursos en español houses how-to videos, translated insights, and tips – all in Spanish. Meryl Goeke, a Customer Success Team Member, continues to update and enhance the Spanish Resource Center. Throughout the process, CleanOffice has worked with us to review scripts, translations, and videos to create the best possible resources for the end-user.

The partnerships with our customers allow us to check-in, monitor, and further strategize the newly adopted continuous performance and development strategy. The latest development for CleanOffice: employees were brought into the app. Truvelop and CleanOffice worked together to create specific training, guides and messaging for their employees that geared towards their values, priorities, and client needs. Take a look at our most recent Employee Guide cards, available in both Spanish and English, and double-sided.


Manager to Team Member feedback is a vital part of individual development. Similarly, Manager and Team Member feedback to the organization can provide key insights into the larger picture. With Truvelop’s Survey feature, CleanOffice has been able to take the guesswork out of engagement and get an accurate gauge on what is working and what is worth improving. CleanOffice recently sent out their Quarterly Engagement Survey to Managers. Here are a few key findings:

  • 85% reported that they currently feel very engaged by their work.
  • 71% of Managers are very confident they can identify each of their Team Member’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • 100% are very comfortable in their role as leader-coach-mentor.

At the end of the Survey, CleanOffice Managers were asked to expand on their answer as to whether they felt Truvelop is beneficial to their team. Here are their responses as to how Truvelop has benefited:

  • Better communication and performance.
  • Easily and instantly visualize data, work history, along with performance and evaluations.
  • Can provide feedback and coach employees on a regular basis.
  • Great tool to evaluate performance and areas to improve.

Diana Andrade, Human Resources Administrator, explains how Truvelop has benefited their managers and employees thus far:

“Truvelop has become such an asset to our company overall. From providing great resources through their resource center for our managers and their Spanish speaking employees. In addition, keeping all communication documented and accessible for everyone.”

As industries across the US face retention issues, it is clear employee development and engagement are top priorities in employee retention. Using Truvelop allows organizations to invest in its employees’ performance development and equip Managers and Team Members with the tools and skills to grow efficiently. CleanOffice has been able to increase engagement and meaningful touchpoints, focus on development, and improve two-way communication by adopting a continuous performance management and development strategy.


Here at Truvelop, we value our customers’ needs and strive to make their job easier. With a high Manager utilization level, CleanOffice continues to drive development and performance improvement along with retention of top performers and emerging leaders. We look forward to seeing what else is in store for CleanOffice and how Truvelop can further help the organization.

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