Client success: Apartment Turnovers

April 21, 2021

When Apartment Turnovers joined the Truvelop team in October 2020, they were looking to move away from an inefficient and subjective review process.  They wanted to increase coaching touchpoints with employees and have more intentional conversations about development.  As an operationsbased employer that dispatches workers to multiple worksites throughout the day, they needed a mobile solution for capturing their observations and providing in the moment feedback. For many companies, the annual review is the main component of their performance management strategy but adds limited value for the employee and lacks access to current, relevant data for purposes of managing overall performance. Employees are left guessing when there isn’t timely feedback, coaching, or recognition, leading to disengagement and burnout.   

Since launching Truvelop’s continuous performance management and development system in October, Apartment Turnovers’ evaluation process has been revitalized. Apartment Turnovers quickly integrated Truvelop’s desktop and mobile app technology into their multiple worksite organization of over 100 employeesTruvelop uses data science and artificial intelligence to recognize employee patterns, predict employee outcomes, and better guide management responses. Managers are now able to quickly evaluate team members and capture observations in real time enabling the delivery of meaningful feedback to team members using Truvelop’s Spark functionality. 

As the Field Operations Manager, Marvin Mata-Alvarez has been using Truvelop to do just that:   

Truvelop has helped in that I can have a conversation with my employee out in the field, whether it’s coaching, observation, praise, etc. I can quickly document that conversation, giving me the option to reference it later. Instead of having to write it down on a document to take it back to the office, I can access this data everywhere at anytime.” 

Having a mobile instant feedback tool increases employee engagement and creates a more efficient development process.  Gone are the days when employees had to wait months for outdated and no longer relevant feedback.  With employees getting more productive coaching, Apartment Turnovers has seen significant increase in the number of team members that are exceptional, leading or core contributorsFrom December to March, Apartment Turnovers saw a jump from 16% to 40% of their workforce being considered exceptional, leading, or core contributors and even developed all of their C-average performers into B-average performers.  During this period, Apartment Turnovers managers completed over 200 Evaluations, averaging 47.7 Evaluations per month.  On top of that, Apartment Turnovers saw over 200 Sparksfostering even more interpersonal conversations about engagement and development.   

Ivana Rochac, HR Director further explains why Truvelop is such an important part of their employee development strategy:  

“Managing remote teams can be a challenge. What is different about Truvelop is keeping the human element in mind. It’s not just how people get their work done. It’s how we connect with them – providing immediate feedback, supporting open communication and developing their potential. Partnering with Truvelop will help us create an environment where people find their own happiness.” 

Apartment Turnovers has been able to use Truvelop in many creative ways to drive human connection and foster stronger and more open relationships between the manager and team member.  Using Truvelop’s Knowledge Center and Manager Cue Cards, Apartment Turnovers has been able to have more transparent and productive development conversations, which is part of why they have seen an increase in the average Evaluation score across the entire organization.   

One of the key differentiators of the Truvelop platform is that with every evaluation completed, the manager and employee receive a summary of the current performance, attitude and maintenance scoring along with valuable data driven insights and recommendations for how to capitalize on current performance and improve where necessary. Armed with this current, relevant data, managers at Apartment Turnovers have a clear understanding of the scoring trends, performance patterns and developmental opportunities for all team members. With Truvelop, managers are able to proactively manage their teams by recognizing top performers, motivating those who need an extra push or nudge and coaching those team members who are falling behind and could benefit from mindset changes or development planning. Truvelop provides us, the managers the tools to share meaningful and evidence-based feedback to our employees. Feedback isn’t about instructing or coaching, it’s giving the information and tools our employees need to develop their strengths and get over their hurdles. Truvelop provides this,” explains Marvin Mata-Alvarez, Fields Operations Manager.  

Most employee assessment technology solutions fall short by only providing a performance score with no specific guidance on what to do next with the information or simply tracking whether or not an evaluation was completed. Truvelop takes the evaluation process a step further by delivering rich data-driven insights and recommendations for both the employee and the manager. Thanks to their 100% manager utilization rate, Apartment Turnovers has adopted proactive management strategies that have helped increase employee engagement, address turnover, gain insight into behavioral tendencies and improve overall performance and productivity. 


 Truvelop is committed to equipping managers with the tools necessary to continue to perfect their craft in engaging, developing and communicating with their team members, especially in complex work environments during these challenging, uncertain times.  

As with all of our case studies, we like to highlight the key functionality of the Truvelop app that promotes or speaks to the content included. Truvelop is not just an employee evaluation tool, Truvelop also promotes the delivery of real time feedback and recognition to employees with our Spark feature and our Recognition Wall to promote on-going performance development conversations between managers and employees. 

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