Client Success: Upper Chesapeake Health

November 9, 2020

In March 2020, the United States quickly began to realize that the COVID-19 virus was going to have an unprecedented impact on the country. As a result, businesses everywhere were forced to reimagine the way they operate day-to-day as a means of keeping their staff and the general public safe. For many businesses, working from home became the perfect response. But what about essential businesses and organizations? They had to find a way to stay afloat in this period of uncertainty and ensure employee performance and engagement remained high. For Upper Chesapeake Health, Truvelop was the perfect solution.

Upper Chesapeake Health: A Truvelop Case Study

Managing a workforce of 3,500 team members and over 650 medical staff is no small task, especially during a pandemic. Upper Chesapeake Health became a customer of Truvelop in March 2020 when businesses were just starting to realize the dangerous potential impact of COVID-19. Upper Chesapeake’s health care staff was on the front lines of the pandemic caring for patients directly impacted by COVID with medical staff managing up to 60+ direct reports in a fast-paced, unpredictable and hectic work environment.

Prior to the pandemic, Upper Chesapeake leadership was looking at targeted interventions to address turnover, identify development opportunities for both managers and employees and increase overall employee engagement. For many companies, the annual review is the main component of their performance management strategy but adds limited value for the employee and lacks access to current, relevant data for purposes of managing overall performance. This legacy approach to performance management is flawed in many ways including missed opportunities to provide feedback, coaching and recognition in the moment when it counts, which ultimately leads to uncertainty, disengagement and lack of focus on development opportunities.

Since launching a pilot of Truvelop’s continuous performance management and development system in May, Upper Chesapeake’s employee assessment process has been revitalized. The organization easily integrated Truvelop’s desktop and mobile app technology into their challenging daily flow of work. Truvelop uses data science and artificial intelligence to recognize employee patterns, predict employee outcomes, and better guide management responses. Front-line supervisors and managers are now able to quickly evaluate team members and capture observations in real time enabling the delivery of meaningful feedback to team members using Truvelop’s Spark functionality.

During a recent pilot recap meeting, the management team reported that they are putting to use the actionable recommendations pushed from the app to proactively manage team members. In fact, Truvelop helped Upper Chesapeake put together a series of management cue cards based on Truvelop’s talent scoring methodology and actionable next steps that the manager can easily adopt to drive employee productivity and engagement.

“The Truvelop platform provides tremendous insight into performance and engagement of the front-line team, while also helping our managers become more skillful at providing focused feedback to drive achievement of our health system goals.”

One of the many benefits of using Truvelop is that it provides a clear view of the current talent landscape of the overall organization, departments, project teams and individual team members. Based on the data gathered during the pilot, the Upper Chesapeake management team now knows that 26% of team members are exceptional, leading or core contributors, 65% are operating at rising, steady or improvement levels and 10% are receiving extra coaching and development. Upper Chesapeake managers completed over 400 individual employee evaluations with 21 evaluations completed each week over a four-month period with an average of 4.4 evaluations completed per employee. During the month of September, managers completed a total of 115 evaluations and collected over 75 real time observations or Sparks.

By using the Truvelop App, one-third of Upper Chesapeake’s team members who participated in the pilot increased their overall performance and attitude during the four-month pilot program compared to their initial base-line evaluations. Upper Chesapeake attributes this increase to not only the frequency of the evaluation and manager/employee feedback loop but also the data driven insights and coaching resources available to managers within the App’s Knowledge Center that helps managers deliver personalized coaching to team members.

One of the key differentiators of the Truvelop platform is that with every evaluation completed, the manager and employee receive a summary of the current performance, attitude and maintenance scoring along with valuable data driven insights and recommendations for how to capitalize on current performance and improve where necessary. Armed with this current, relevant data, managers at Upper Chesapeake have a clear understanding of the scoring trends, performance patterns and developmental opportunities for all team members. With Truvelop, managers are able to proactively manage their teams by recognizing top performers, motivating those who need an extra push or nudge and coaching those team members who are falling behind and could benefit from mindset changes or development planning. “The Truvelop platform provides tremendous insight into performance and engagement of the front-line team, while also helping our managers become more skillful at providing focused feedback to drive achievement of our health system goals,” explains Colin Ward, Interim Chief Operating Officer.

Most employee performance tracking solutions fall short by only providing a performance score with no specific guidance on what to do next with the information or simply tracking whether or not an evaluation was completed. Truvelop takes the evaluation process a step further by delivering rich data-driven insights and recommendations for both the employee and the manager. Thanks to their 100% manager utilization rate during the pilot, Upper Chesapeake has adopted proactive management strategies that have helped increase employee engagement, address turnover, gain insight into behavioral tendencies and improve overall performance and productivity.

Modern Solutions for an Agile Workforce with Truvelop

Truvelop is committed to equipping managers with the tools necessary to continue to perfect their craft in engaging, developing and communicating with their team members, especially in complex work environments during these challenging, uncertain times. 

As with all of our case studies, we like to highlight the key functionality of the Truvelop app that promotes or speaks to the content included. Well, here it is. Managers who use the Truvelop App are able to put critical leadership competencies to work by following the valuable, data-driven insights and proactive performance-based development recommendations Truvelop provides.

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