Coach with Data

August 30, 2023

In recent months, the Truvelop team has started supplementing their monthly Manager messaging with a monthly Toolkit. This toolkit organizes all of Truvelop’s resources around the monthly theme and delivers the learning materials in an easily digestible way. From blogs, to worksheets, to videos, these Toolkits have a learning resource for everyone. Here’s a preview of August’s Manager Toolkit: Data-Driven Coaching

Data can be a great starting point for coaching conversations as it identifies what’s going well and where the gaps are. This ensures that the focus of the conversation is around actionable next steps that drive efficient, meaningful growth. Get started with Truvelop today!

Looking for additional guidance on how to navigate your data-driven development discussions? Check our latest toolkit, Data-Driven Coaching. With blogs, resources from the Knowledge Center, and a breakdown on your role as a developmental leader, this toolkit can help you support and guide your team with confidence.

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