Considering the Employee Experience

June 28, 2022

Last week, our Customer Success Team led another Lunch and Learn for the managers in our user community.  In Considering the Employee Experience, our audience explored what all encompasses the employee experience and how they, as managers, can impact their team’s journey.  We heard a lot of amazing best practices and insights from our audience about how they’ve been able to leverage Truvelop to connect with their team, strengthen their relationships at the front line, and have productive, data-driven development conversations on a regular basis.  Here’s a quick summary about some of the topics we covered during one of our best Lunch and Learn’s yet:

The Employee Life-Cycle

One aspect of the employee experience that we spent a lot of time considering the Employee Life-Cycle and how Managers can leverage Truvelop at three of the different stages: Onboarding, Engaging, and Developing.  Employees require different types of support at different points in their careers, so understanding where they’re at in their lifecycle with your organization is going to inform how a Manager will best connect with their team.  Onboarding requires more communication around expectations and performance goals, whereas engaging is more about checking-in to monitor and maintain motivation and growth.

From survey, to Spark, to all the guides and resources available in Truvelop’s Knowledge Center, our Managers are equipped to effectively connect with their teams at any step of the employee journey.  Additionally, Employees know where they stand, helping them to stay engaged and inspired.

Self-Determination Theory

One way to ensure that Managers are supporting a positive employee experience is by reflecting on the three pillars that support intrinsic motivation, as defined by Self-Determination Theory: autonomy, competence, and relatedness.  If these three areas are all strong, then an employee is going to be genuinely invested in their work and will be having a positive experience.  If even one of those areas is lacking, then their experience will be impacted.

When discussing self-determination theory with the group, we asked everyone which area they felt strongest in and which area needs the most development.  Some of the participants went on to share how prior to Truvelop, competence and autonomy were really lacking at their organizations.  However, with the adoption of real time feedback and data-driven conversations, their teams know where they stand and have much stronger feelings of autonomy, competence, and relatedness.  It was so great to hear from our uses about the impact they’re feeling from Truvelop in their daily interactions.

Our monthly Lunch and Learns are just one of the many benefits our users gain by becoming part of the Truvelop family.  Contact us today to learn more about our modern approach to performance management and development and how it solves for retention. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our Customers have to say.