CS Story: Contracting Success Reflection

October 25, 2022

Just over a week ago, members of our team attended the Building Service Contractors Association International’s Contracting Success conference held in Chicago.  In their three days of the conference, the Truvelop team visited with current customers, attended the networking roundtables, hosted a booth, and led a discussion on engagement to close out the conference. 

Throughout the conference, our team gained insight into the major pain points for BSCs and how they are working to solve them.  As an industry that relies on front-line workers, one of the biggest struggles is retaining staff.  The talent shortage is hitting BSCs hard, so keeping the workers they have is top priority.   

Senior Customer Relationship Manager, Juliana Withers, shares, 

“Between an exodus of talent, wage increases, and a shift in what workers are prioritizing, BSCs have had to completely rethink their retention strategies.  It isn’t enough to just meet expectations anymore.  When workers have more options about where they work, when, and for how much, it’s important that organizations highlight what makes them special and a great place to work.” 

Our platform facilitates meaningful touchpoints between managers and employees and makes it easier for any team member in any role to learn and grow at their own pace. As a retention solution, Truvelop has helped organizations mitigate turnover by:  

  1. Developing Managers into Leader
  2. Strengthening the Manager-Employee relationship
  3. Building better workplaces.   

With several BSCs already using Truvelop, we’ve been able to see first-hand how impactful a coaching culture can be for front-line manager-employee relationships and retention.  

Senior Customer Relationship Manager, Meryl Goeke, shares, 

“Having worked with BSC members CleanOffice and MahlerClean, it was exciting to speak with other BSC’s to find out how Truvelop can be implemented for their front-line workers. During the conference, we heard some best practices for recognition and engagement. It was clear everyone understood the value of adopting a continuous performance management and development app to prioritize retention. Now, it’s simply a matter of scheduling demos!” 

Employees want to know their work matters and that they are a valued part of the team. That starts with having open channels for frequent communication and equipping Managers with support and guidance to level-up their leadership competencies.  In the Contracting Success panel discussion, What Works? Top Strategies for Driving Employee Engagement and Retention”, Juliana and Meryl partnered with Greg Buchner, President of CleanOffice and Porter Plus, and Pat Sullivan, President and Owner of MahlerClean, to share best practices for inspiring workers to perform at their best and stay longer.  

As attendees shared what has been working for them, it became abundantly clear that organizations are prioritizing the employee experience. By making time for more 1:1s, recognition, and development, they are showing their team that they matter.  The human element is being incorporated into more workflows and procedures, ensuring team members are treated as individual contributors and not just another cog in the machine.   

Proactive communication emerged as the last theme from the discussion.  Turnover is inevitable, but organizations are focusing on preventable turnover to ensure they retain most of their team.  For proactive approaches to take place, communication with front-line employees is paramount.  If Managers aren’t meeting with their teams regularly, then they will never know if a team member is struggling or disengaged, meaning they won’t know a team member is considering leaving until it’s too late.  By building check-ins into more routines, organizations can proactively retain their team while also creating a more positive and supportive place to work.  

Contact us today to learn more about our modern approach to performance management and development and how it solves for retention. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our Customers have to say.