Customer-Centric Product Approach

March 23, 2022

Why does Truvelop prioritize a customer-centric product design?

Short answer: This benefits you, your managers, and employees! And of course, your company!

Long answer: We’ve all experienced a bad, ineffective tool. When this happens, we often stop using the tool when there is no resource or support in place to share feedback or ask questions. The concept of user friendliness and user experience is a #1 priority for Truvelop.

With the insights and feedback we receive from our customers, we’re able to develop product intelligence to drive our development roadmap. This is a key part of our Customer Success approach. Making sure our customers are not only included in the process but are also key partners in the product allows us to build strong enhancements, partnerships, and strategies.

From Day 1, Truvelop has prioritized putting the concept in front of a lot of different people and use cases, and continuously getting feedback from the customer and end user. With any enhancement Truvelop has made in the last 2 years, it’s been based on end user feedback.

As we all know, COVID brought major lockdowns and shifted the way that we work. There was a lot of fear with the uncertainty that it brought. Truvelop brought all our customers together, HR leaders, executives, company administrators, to ask the very important question: what do we need in this app that’s going to keep managers and employees connected during such an uncertain time? One of the recommendations led to the creation of our Recognition Wall – a place to publicly praise and recognize team members to continue to celebrate achievements. With this enhancement, companies using Truvelop were able to bring the human element back and keep prioritizing their people. This allowed companies to continue to stay connected and focus on the well-being of their managers and employees. Listening to end users and paying attention to their needs has been key in building a successful product.

First Financial has been using Truvelop since 2018. Ellen Hafner, Direct of HR at First Financial Credit Union, shared the value Truvelop brings:

“We love the value that this tool has brought to our managers in their ability to assess their employees on a more consistent basis and when promotion/salary increase time comes around this tool has proven to be invaluable.”

What are you waiting for? As a company (and human being!), don’t you want your voice to be heard when you use a new tool? Delivering support as you take on a brand new, continuous approach to performance management and development is a key differentiator for Truvelop.

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