Customer Success Story: DEL Electric

March 26, 2024

In October of 2022, Douglas Electric & Lighting, Inc. (DEL) partnered with Truvelop to implement a proactive performance development tool for their team. DEL is best known for responding to customer needs, changing markets, and company growth, and has evolved over time as a leading provider of electrical construction, service, and lighting solutions in the Baltimore area.

When first partnering with Truvelop, DEL was looking for a way to standardize their review process and create stronger documentation around performance. Instead of relying on recent memory, they want to have the full story in front of them so they can be strategic in their approach to talent development.

At the beginning of their Truvelop journey, Chief Operating Officer, Justin Townsley shared:

“We are excited to have a much more uniform database for reporting on employees’ performance throughout the year. We are equally optimistic about the insights that can be provided after conducting an evaluation along with the manager resources. If we can help to educate our leaders on how to communicate more effectively and how to be better managers for their people, our company will undoubtedly be better for it.”

In just over a year, the DEL team has collected over 300 Evaluations and more than 1000 Sparks. With Spark, Truvelop’s real-time feedback tool, the DEL team ensures that all employees know where they stand. Employees know their work matters and is making an impact. Managers have that full story of what has been working well and what the employee may need some extra coaching on.

Scott Donagher, HR Specialist says:

“The Spark data collected allows us to manage our employees in real time as opposed to retroactively collecting data once a year.”

Spark has also been a great way for DEL Electric to communicate with their frontline team. In fact, nearly 40% of all Sparks sent use the Announcement Classification. Since Spark can be delivered as an email and as a text, users are able to stay up to date on current priorities and initiatives, even if they’re on the go. This has been a critical tool for driving consistent support and communication between leaders and their frontline employees.

As DEL has been working towards a consistent, continuous approach to real-time feedback, their team has found a lot of value in the weekly and monthly reporting that Truvelop provides. Each week, the DEL leaders receive a utilization update around the number of Evaluations and Sparks completed and by whom. This makes it easy for them to target any gaps and celebrate their strongest users. Scott Donagher shares:

“We have been able to leverage the reports to fine tune our level of engagement between departments and ensure that we are recording progress for each employee throughout the year.”

With all the data collected with Spark, it has become easier for managers to document objective Evaluations based on measurable, observable behaviors. They now have specific events to refer to, instead of just relying on their memory. When managers are on the go, and have multiple direct reports, it is going to be impossible to recall every single piece of feedback that they have shared. Instead, it is critical to have documentation in place that memorializes their 1:1s, actionable next steps, and development plans.

Once the Evaluation has been completed, Truvelop instantly delivers ai-enabled coaching insights to each manager, helping them to best understand how to support their team. DEL’s managers are growing as effective leaders, and their employees are receiving personalized, strategic feedback that actually leads to growth.

The DEL Electric team knows that a productive and inspired workforce starts with dedicated and impactful leaders. With Truvelop, they’ve been able to seamlessly elevate their managers and coach their frontline employees while building a data landscape that encourages proactive and intentional organizational development. With a positive feedback loop of growth and development, DEL is setting their people up for long-term engagement and success.

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