Customer Success Story: Independence Housing Authority

February 25, 2022

Independence Housing Authority, based out of Independence, Missouri, is dedicated to the creation and maintenance of quality affordable housing, fostering a community founded on respect and decency.  That same foundation of respect and decency is afforded to their staff as well, as they leverage Truvelop to increase transparent communication focused on growth and support.   

How does IHA Measure Performance? 

When we start working with a client, we always want to identify their greatest needs.  As a government agency, IHA needed a tool that would make documenting performance feel less like an added task, and instead become an easy part of their routine and natural flow of workAt Independence Housing Authority, they were looking to: 

  • Easily document real time feedback 
  • Adopt a continuous employee assessment process 
  • Equip Managers with a tool that takes the guesswork out of performance development 

When considering the advantages that Truvelop could offer, Michael Bishop, Executive Director at IHA, shared:  

Truvelop is different from other paper or computer-based evaluation systems by allowing supervisors to note a specific person’s file and it will hold the information for the annual review. I find this very useful because in the moment that you see, hear or come across something in a file, their evaluation may be 8 -10 months away and we cannot rely on our memories as we get older. I like the fact you can put positive comments in throughout the year, not just negative and it will keep track of it all until we need it.” 

In the year that IHA has been using Truvelop, they’ve certainly achieved their initial goals.  On average, IHA has captured over 7 Evaluations per employee, giving Managers an accurate picture of their talent landscape throughout the entire year, versus just at year end.  Despite the pandemic, IHA’s Managers have been able to continue to complete their bi-monthly Evaluations consistently, completing over 240 Evaluations.  Now, Managers have a more complete story around a Team Member’s performance journey, giving them the data and context to have more meaningful development discussions in person.   

How are Managers Using Truvelop? 

IHA Managers achieved 100% Manager adoption, using Truvelop to capture their observations and measure Employee performance quickly and easily, gaining insight into who is progressing, and who might be experiencing a dip in performanceTruvelop has truly become part of the IHA culture.  Program Director at IHA, Ann Benson, found that the Evaluation process streamlines her Managerial duties – so much so that she began Evaluating even more frequently than the set bi-monthly cadence.  Ann shares: 

Every week I make time to use Truvelop. I enjoy being able to reflect on staff performance. As the new year rolls on, I have been able to evaluate staff on a weekly basis. Truvelop helps me as a time management tool. Using the Truvelop dashboard, I see what type of grade my team is averaging each week. It is good to review the team performance on a weekly basis and compare to previous months.” 

Each time Ann and the other IHA Managers login to the Truvelop app, they get a quick snapshot into where their team is performing today.  They know exactly who needs to be recognized, motivated, inspired, or coached; Truvelop takes the guesswork out of their next steps.  Now, Managers can save time and energy and deliver the best support possible for each individual Team Member.   

Proactive Real Time Feedback 

In addition to being a huge help to the Managers, these regularly documented Evaluations have helped Team Members to know where they stand at any given time. Whether they observed progress in the past two months or a dip in performance, Managers and Team Members are on the same page and can identify actionable next steps that could contribute to performance growth and development.  This proactive communication is especially important for any low or lagging performers. Giving Employees the timely opportunity to improve can mitigate any disengagement or surprises.   

In between Evaluations, Managers are using Spark to deliver real time feedback and let their Team Members know exactly what they do well and what they can do to improve.  In fact, 37% of IHA’s Sparks have been utilized to deliver proactive coaching or progressive discipline.   

Team Members know right away what they can do to grow, helping everyone to stay engaged and motivated.  As Team Members continue to seek out guidance, Managers are supporting development with training opportunities, which is clearly being represented in the data with 19% of IHA’s Sparks being used for Training.   

When Managers and Employees know what the next steps are, growth and development transpire, which is how IHA has seen over a 40% increase in the percentage of exceptional, leading, and core contributors.   

Communicating During Periods of High-Stress 

One of the great aspects of Spark is how flexible it is.  In addition to proactive coaching Sparks, Managers are also using Spark to deliver praise, communicate announcements, and bridge the gap during periods of high-stress.  Having attended our Lunch and Learn, Putting the Focus on Retention, Ann Benson is familiar with the best practices for fighting turnover and connecting with her team.  Ann shares: 

Most of the staff duties will vary depending on what programs we are promoting and how we are connecting to residents. I’ll send a Praise Spark to a staff member who goes beyond duties and responsibilities. Some months it’s a rollercoaster ride and other months it’s smooth sailing with the team!” 

With Spark, Managers are connecting with their teams at every stage of an individual’s development journey, helping everyone to stay engaged, motivated, and productive.  Managers documenting and sharing announcements in real time has made the difference when IHA was hit hard by Covid, leaving teams short-staffed and covering more responsibilities.  Despite the high stress and demand, performance development continued to be a priority. Evaluations and Sparks keep being shared and documented, which helps Team Members stay focused and morale high.   


At Truvelop, we value our customers’ needs and strive to make their job easier. At Independence Housing Authority, the tool has become a core driver of their culture, aided in communication and documentation, and provided insight into their ever-evolving talent landscape.   

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