Customer Success Story: Managers into Leaders

April 29, 2022

Our greatest purpose is to build better workplaces by strengthening the Manager-Team Member relationship through continuous data-driven, meaningful touchpoints.  

By equipping Managers with the tools, resources, and support to tap into their leadership potential, Managers can create the best possible employee experience for their teams. Every single day, our users are leveraging Truvelop to have more strategic and impactful conversations, strengthening their relationships at the front lines.   

Why does this matter? 

Managers are the first line of defense against low engagement and turnover.  Their teams look to them to set the tone, guide, and inspire.  Managers establish culture and influence an employee’s experience and development.  If Managers don’t feel equipped to lead their teams, then the entire organization suffers.   


That’s why Truvelop focuses so intently on creating tools and resources that empower the Manager.  If Managers know exactly who and how to recognize, motivate, and coach, then they can be efficient and impactful conduits of positive change in their organizations.  They can foster a culture founded on continuous, transparent feedback, leading to a dedicated, engaged workforce with strong retention metrics. To do this, Managers need an easy-to-use platform that takes the guess work out of their next steps.  

How Truvelop Works 

Truvelop has four main pieces of functionality: Evaluation, Team Member Dashboard for insights, Spark for Real Time Feedback, and Spark for Recognition.  In addition to the platform itself, Truvelop also has an extensive and ever-growing Knowledge Center that provides additional guidance and resources to support users in their development journeys.  Each component of Truvelop serves a purpose towards equipping and empowering users to join in more meaningful development conversations, strengthening their relationships on the front lines.   


Truvelop’s employee assessment is 15 questions and measures performance, attitude, and maintenance, giving Managers a holistic picture of their Team Member’s experience.  Each organization has different utilization goals.  We typically see Managers complete Evaluations on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.  Throughout the year, organizations using Truvelop capture at least four measurements of performance progress.  As you can tell, it’s not that traditional, one-time a year, pen and paper review!  

From each Evaluation, Managers receive a summary. In the summary, Managers find out how their Team Member is performing today, why that matters, and identify actionable next steps to support and guide the Team Member’s development. By taking the guess work out of where their team is performing today, Managers can focus on developing their relationships with their team through intentional and individualized touchpoints that meet the Team Member’s current (and continuous!) needs. Upper Chesapeake Health has certainly seen this effect with their management team, as described by COO Colin Ward,  

The Truvelop platform provides tremendous insight into performance and engagement of the front-line team, while also helping our managers become more skillful at providing focused feedback to drive achievement of our health system goals.” Colid Ward, COO at Chesapeake Health 

Greg Buchner, CEO of Clean Office and Porter Plus, shares another benefit of the Truvelop Evaluation process, 

One of the major challenges of supporting a workforce of 350+ front-line crew members, scattered across 200+ job sites, is the ability to provide each employee with consistent and meaningful performance evaluations. In too many cases, this activity either doesn’t happen, or lacks the standardization and trackability that is truly needed to produce desired outcomes. 

With Truvelop, our field supervisors finally have a user-friendly tool that ensures that all employee evaluations will be standardized, on time and will include “coaching insights” that will help our supervisors and managers better understand our workforce. In the cleaning industry “human capital” is our product and accounts for over 75% of our costs-of-goods-sold (COGS). With this in mind, we can’t afford to minimize the value of investing in our workforce!– Greg Buchner, CEO at CleanOffice and Porter Plus 

The Evaluation process is designed to make Managers lives easier: saving them time and energy and allowing them to focus on the process, their relationships, and their actionable next steps to ensure positive behavior change.  When Managers know the Evaluation process is easy to use, they’re willing to come back time and time again, without constant prompting from HR leaders. That’s why our customers have documented over 12,000 Evaluations.  

Team Member Dashboard 

Once the Manager has completed the Evaluation, they can view all previously collected data in the Team Member dashboard.  When organizations adopt a continuous approach to performance management and development, they’re collecting data throughout the year instead just once. This then drives meaningful development conversations that revolve around current performance, instead of trying to consider an entire year’s worth of performance, which will ultimately be inaccurate and outdated.   

The Truvelop Evaluation process provides in-depth information about the type of performer an Employee is. Through Evaluation Summaries, Insights, and Trend Statuses, Managers can have individualized, data-driven check-ins.  When Managers site exactly what is going well and what unique strengths the Team Member is bringing to the table, Team Members feel motivated and valued, which increases trust in the Manager-Team Member relationship.  Absar Mohammad, Manager at EHE Health, shares more about how her team leverages the Team Member dashboard to strengthen their relationships: 

I do have to say, I think Truvelop is a great evaluation tool through an unbiased method and really helps determine employee behavior/performance as a whole. Some agents on our team use it as a tool to motivate each other and I think that’s a great approach to building team morale.”  Absar Mohammad, Engagement Center Manager at EHE Health 

Additionally, the Team Member dashboard serves as a reminder for Managers of the progress that a Team Member has achieved throughout the year.  Taking the time to reflect on the strides a Team Member has made can help to inform what can be further leveraged moving forward, while also identifying any lasting obstacles that could be standing in the way of the Team Members success.  This helps save time and allows the Manager to go into check-ins with a data-driven objective.  Ann Benson, a Program Director with Independence Housing Authority, shares,  

“Every week I make time to use Truvelop. I enjoy being able to reflect on staff performance. As the new year rolls on, I have been able to evaluate staff on a weekly basis. Truvelop helps me as a time management tool. Using the Truvelop dashboard, I see what type of grade my team is averaging each week. It is good to review the team performance on a weekly basis and compare to previous months.”Ann Beson, Program Director at Independence Housing Authority 

The Team Member Dashboard is like a living document of an Employee’s performance journey.  When Managers log in to Truvelop, whether on desktop or on the mobile app, they know exactly what their next steps should look like for each direct report.   

Spark for Real Time Feedback 

Once a Manager has a data-driven check-in, they can document their feedback using Spark, Truvelop’s real time feedback tool.  Managers can share praise, coach their team to success, note observations, and anything in between, and they can even do this on the go with the mobile app. With real time feedback, Managers are actively driving positive behavior changes, while strengthening their relationships with their team through continuous, transparent feedback.  Karyn Schell, President at DP Solutions, shares how Spark has helped her managers evolve into effective leaders: 

Truvelop has supported our managers and our team by allowing us to actively engage in a timely manner. The opportunity for managers to have a support system at their fingertips or on their mobile device allows for real time employee engagement. No need to wait, just get it done in the moment.”Karyn Schell, President at DP Solutions 

Real time feedback keeps employees engaged and helps Managers lead their teams to success.  The real time feedback component has played a major role for helping remote organizations stay connected as well.  This is more important than ever as organizations around the country navigate the challenges of creating and maintaining a culture outside of a traditional office.  Kendall Coleman of CST Group shares, 

We have long sought after an efficient, interactive and intuitive employee feedback platform. In today’s environment with a more remote workforce, Truvelop’s virtual performance management application is an ideal balance between true accountability, team connectivity, and real time conversations. Focusing not only on productivity and KPI’s, but also employee attitude and morale makes our managers better and our team stronger.” Kendall Coleman, Partner at CST Group 

Documenting conversations in the moment helps everyone stay engaged and focused, creating a more engaging place to work.   

Spark for Recognition 

Spark isn’t just used for real time feedback; it is also a great way to celebrate your team.  With the Recognition Wall, Managers can publicly celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and exceptional work performed by their team. This boosts morale, and brings organizations together in a positive way.  Karyn Schell highlights the importance of this act in creating a positive culture and environment: 

Truvelop has also provided our employees the opportunity to recognize their fellow employees with recognition wall sparks. The ability to publicly comment and share when good things are happening is a positive vibe for us all.” Karyn Schell, President at DP Solutions 

Recognition is a great way to boost Team Member engagement. By equipping Managers with a tool to elevate their team, they’re set up for success as an effective and inspirational leader.  

Knowledge Center 

In addition to the tools within the Truvelop platform, we also have an ever-growing Knowledge Center.  In the Manager Resource Center, Managers are given additional guidance and resources to help them grow into effective leaders who engage and inspire their teams through strategic development conversations.  From deeper dives into data-driven widgets like Summary Reporting, to video walk-throughs for navigating challenging conversations, Managers are taking the guess work out of their next steps and are leveling up their leadership competencies.   


Anita Brady, Director and Manager Office of Human Resources at Montgomery County, shares how the Knowledge Center is playing a role in the county’s manager development strategy: 

“In Montgomery County, Maryland Government, we are looking for quick and easy access to resources, templates, videos, and articles for our managers and supervisors.  The Managers into Leaders platform provides a one-stop tool kit to help our busy supervisors and managers excel whether they are new or experienced in their roles.” Anita Brady, Director and Manager Office of Human Resources at Montgomery County 

Having guidance on the go gives Managers an extra boost of confidence.  Many Managers across the country have never received formal leadership training; by equipping them with the tools, resources, and guides to be successful, they can learn and grow at their own pace.  Careen Kouts, HR Director of R2integrated, shares how the Knowledge Center ties together the tools within Truvelop: 

The overwhelming factor for R2i when deciding to partner with Truvelop’s performance management and development platform was increased visibility with (a) quick and easy, real time feedback, (b) engagement between the managers and team members, and (c) overall health of the organization and our team members – all of which will continue to move our business forward. Add to that the availability of manager resources within the Knowledge Center that provide coaching/talking points that allow for improved communication between managers and team members.” Careen Kouts, HR Director at R2integrated 

Anyone can collect data or complete an Evaluation.  It’s what you do with that information that matters.  With the Knowledge Center, Managers know exactly how to leverage the performance data to drive meaningful and impactful conversations to set their teams up for continuous growth and development.   

Truvelop is a performance management and development app, but it is also so much more than that.  With Truvelop, organizations are helping their Managers to build better habits and develop stronger leadership competencies.  When Managers are set up for success, they can more easily navigate and prioritize their relationships with each of their direct reports: creating a culture and environment founded on continuous, transparent, and productive feedback.   

Contact us today to learn more about our modern approach to performance management and development that actually improves the manager and employee relationship by taking your managers to the next level.