Customer Success Story: The Vonachen Group

February 6, 2024

In March of 2023, Vonachen Group partnered with Truvelop to implement a proactive performance development tool for their team. Vonachen Group is a janitorial services and facilities management company headquartered in Peoria, IL, with locations across the Midwest. Vonachen Group believes that “the quality of our work depends on the quality of our people,” so it only makes sense that they adopt an easy-to-use technology to develop their people and create the best possible employee experience.

Coming into the partnership with Truvelop, the Vonachen team was looking to standardize their approach to talent management, gain visibility into their talent landscape, and better leverage data for internal promotions. In less than a year, the Vonachen team has documented more than 1000 Evaluations and over 4500 touchpoints between managers and employees. With each Evaluation, Vonachen can identify exactly how each employee is performing today and formulate action plans to ensure that every employee receives the feedback they need to grow with their team. By understanding which employees are consistent Exceptional Contributors, then Vonachen can narrow down who has the greatest potential for growth into the next role in their career path.

Every month, the Vonachen Operations team conducts a Talent Matrix Review. This takes the Evaluation scores and plots them in a 9-box format, giving the Vonachen team an easy-to-digest visual of how their team is performing today. This exercise helps to identify who is ready for the next level and who may need some additional coaching. By adopting proactive management practices, the Vonachen team can promote from within and prevent any regrettable losses.

Once the next steps have been identified, leaders are Sparking their teams to drive positive and productive behavior changes. In Vonachen’s first year of using Truvelop, their team captured over 4500 Sparks. When managers are consistently communicating with their direct reports, they are reinforcing the right behaviors, driving engagement and motivation, and coaching employees to reach their full potential. With their commitment to frequent development conversations, it’s no surprise that more than 1/3 of Vonachen employees are showing improved performance (as reflected in their increased Evaluation scores).

Another way Vonachen has used Sparks is to drive their culture. Of the 4500 Sparks captured, nearly 2000 of them were posts to the Recognition Wall. The Recognition Wall is Truvelop’s public share space, meaning all Vonachen users are able to see Sparks that celebrate employees who go above and beyond, celebrate workplace birthdays and anniversaries, and stay up to date on organization initiatives. By sharing recognition and praise, the Vonachen team is able to reinforce their core values, identify and celebrate impactful behaviors, and bring their people together in a meaningful way.

One benefit that Vonachen hadn’t anticipated was Truvelop’s Lunch and Learns. Each month, the Truvelop team hosts a Lunch and Learn for managers that highlights various leadership competencies and connects them back to the Truvelop process. Dozens of Vonachen managers were able to attend these quick-hit sessions and were able to not only receive guidance on Truvelop best practices, but also level-up their skills as leaders. One Regional Operations Manager, found these sessions especially impactful:

When I first began using Truvelop last year, I was uncertain how I would use the program. But I did what I needed to do and within a few months, I was relying on it for performance tracking in an objective manner. Then I started delving in further and began attending the Lunch & Learn seminars and other invitations from Juliana. The events are always full of at least one nugget I can take away and make my own. Other times, I call or email Juliana to find out “how to” better use the program, help my team advance to the next level, or help an individual team member advance to their next level. While helping others, I’m also advancing.

The Vonachen Group is no stranger to investing in their people. They know that a productive and inspired workforce starts with dedicated and impactful leaders. With Truvelop, they’ve been able to seamlessly elevate their managers and coach their frontline employees while building a data landscape that encourages proactive and intentional organizational development. With a positive feedback loop of growth and development, the Vonachen Group is setting their people up for long-term engagement and success.

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