Data and Performance Evaluation With Truvelop

January 11, 2024

Performance evaluation is more than an indicator for an annual raise or bonus. Employee performance can be monitored, redirected and improved. Team dynamics and talent challenges can be impacted when low- or high-performing employees are not nurtured and engaged.

While the Truvelop app can provide managers with insights and guidance to support them and their employees, these features are enabled and driven by the data input that creates a comprehensive profile for each employee. Like many tools, the information put into the Truvelop app impacts performance. The more data, the better.

In the Truvelop app, data can be compiled through evaluations, Sparks and conversations. All of this data, collectively, tells the story of each team member and is critical to helping managers better engage employees and better understand the team’s capacity based on each employee’s score.

Here are a few suggestions for ways to feed the app effectively:

  • Schedule regular evaluation check-points – weekly or monthly depending on the job performed
  • Document conversations – challenges, barriers, opportunities
  • Develop individual goals and a series of KPIs to meet them
  • Memorialize – or Spark! – achievements or key moments of success
  • Survey employees

Performance evaluation and employee engagement should not be routine task that feels useless. Managers should be intentional with expectations, clearly defining job roles and responsibilities, and what constitutes success and failure. Understanding what you should be evaluating, and why, is important to ensuring the Truvelop app is a useful tool.

Furthermore, effective employee management requires more than tactical, clinical monitoring. Empathy, motivation, culture, and authentic engagement are critical to fostering development and growth among your team members. Employees need to know they are more than a number – that they are valued and needed members of the team.

Finally, context is key. Details help employees understand how they are being evaluated and what they can do to improve or grow. A survey from McKinsey last year found that over half of employees think their managers don’t get the performance review right.

When managers take the time to provide specific observations regarding performance, they offer employees the chance to ask questions and develop a plan for improvement or growth.

Truvelop can be a powerful tool for managers, but it requires attention to perform well. The more often it is used, the more information it receives, the more robust it becomes. Data is the foundation for the performance of this app.

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