Develop Within

November 17, 2022

As employers continue to struggle in 2023 with recruiting, they should look inwardly and focus on developing their existing workforce, creating customized plans for training and certifications to reskill or upskill high-performing internal candidates to increase employee retention.

Employees are no longer committed to traditional career growth and instead are “making moves to other areas within their current organization, signaling a growing internal mobility trend,” as shared in an article from HRExecutive. Therefore, employers can have a broader look at potential opportunities for growth for employees across the enterprise.

The article states, “Going forward, employers should focus more on developing their current workforce, offering regular trainings and certification programs to reskill or upskill internal candidates. Increasingly, companies will use artificial intelligence (AI) platforms that use predictive analytics to shortlist promising internal candidates, provide tailored career development content and develop personalized career paths based on goals and interest areas.”

Investing in internal mobility can help organizations to attract top talent, develop more diverse pipelines, and fill open roles and critical skill gaps amid stalled hiring.

Our team shares several steps for creating a development pathway for employees:

  • Explore Career Goals and Aspirations
    • Where do they see themself in a year? 3 years? 5 years? When establishing professional or career goals, the team member should think about how this aligns with their values. Every goal should have some level of intrinsic motivation built into it, so identifying what they enjoy and want to pursue is going to help ensure the presence of intrinsic motivation.
  • Create an Individual Development Plan
    • An IDP is a great way to provide direction and purpose, which can help employees stay motivated and engaged. An IDP is an action-oriented plan to guide employees on their career and development path that will include the steps needed to achieve goals such as skills development.
  • Assign a Mentor
    • Mentors can help provide employees with new perspectives and insights especially if their plan is to pivot into a new role or different department. An employee who may be nervous about the transition or has a lot of new skills to develop could be supported through the process by a mentor who can recommend trainings, books, webinars or other ways to learn and prepare. Establishing a strong mentor-mentee relationship will help the employee be successful as they navigate their IDP.

A commitment to internal mobility is a smart strategy for companies committed to improving its culture, driving performance, and overcoming the war on talent.

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