February 16, 2021

In the HR industry, talent development is mainly focused on “employees”, which typically means those working at lower levels of the organizational structure. The development of managers is often overlooked. Managers play an important role in driving a successful company, but they too need support and attention so that they can flourish.

Our team offers three tips for ways to provide your managers with professional development.

  1. Foster two-way communication – ask employees for constructive feedback: Managers are expected to meet benchmarks and goals, therefore, they must ensure their team is performing appropriately. Frequent feedback is critical to professional development. If a company wants a strong manager, they need to know if the manager is effective. Constructive feedback from team members will help a manager understand challenges and new ways to approach how they work with their employees. Truvelop allows a multi-directional platform, that encourages anyone at any level to ask and receive feedback, no matter the position they hold, by implementing frequent employee assessments.


  1. Strengthen decision making skills: Smart decision-making is one of the most vital skillsets of a manager. Curiosity, confidence, and analysis are all necessary components of informed decision-making. Informed decision-making, and sometimes the need to make a decision quickly, is an important part of being an effective manager and leader. Those managing the manager should empower their team to make decisions and provide productive feedback to understand how to improve in the future. If managers are not receiving this feedback, they should ask their supervisors for feedback or advice when trying to make a difficult decision.


  1. Give time for reflection: Managers should carve out time and space to reflect on achievements and challenges for themselves and their team. Regular reflection will help a manager to see more clearly in the moment, and strengthen their ability to help their team when faced with new challenges or goals. Reflection helps develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which will lead to a stronger,and more effective employee and manager relationship.


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