Effective Onboarding Tips for Remote Workers During the First 90 Days

October 23, 2020

Starting a new job is stressful. Whether you’re starting in a new industry, career, or position, the anxiety will come along. And then you add in a pandemic and remote work, and the fears and concerns multiply. But all is not lost. Here are a few easy ways to streamline and simplify your new team member onboarding and integration process – and keep your new team members engaged and feeling connected throughout this critical acclimation period.

  1. Connect them with the right people: Understanding where they are working, and who they are working with – is a must. Who are your new teammates? Who are your leaders? Who are the stakeholders? What’s the culture under normal circumstances? What’s the culture remotely? Keep them connected and in turn, they’ll be engaged. Truvelop’s Teams, Dashboard, Spark and Wall features all help keep employees connected while working in an office, at a job site or even remotely. Truvelop performance management tools are designed to increase communication, coaching and celebration.
  2. Setting Expectations: The first few months in a new job is when an employee adjusts to work expectations, culture, coworkers, and more. And again, when it’s all remote and you only know your colleagues from Zoom or teams, it can be hard to acclimate. Therefore, as a manager, it is important to help bridge these gaps. Whether it’s training, team meetings, recommendations, virtual lunches, or just being an ear, try and lay out for the employee what the first 90 days of their role will look like, what’s expected of them, and what a successful onboarding looks like.
  3. Evaluating Progress to Identify Gaps: When entering a new job role or business, the struggles are going to be real. It could be office dynamics, working with a difficult coworker, a new workload, or in today’s times, working at home and trying to balance work-life while staying connected. As a manager, it is important to let these new employees know that you are always a resource and available. Try to identify other team members that are available for guidance and support too. Using Truvelop’s 15-question performance evaluation during the first 30, 60 and 90 days will help the manager identify any gaps in the new team member’s onboarding so the manager can act swiftly to provide additional training and guidance as needed.

When it comes to successfully onboarding remote team members, Truvelop can help. Contact us today to learn more.

Topics: Onboarding