EHE Health Success Story

August 20, 2021


EHE Health, a preventive healthcare company based in New York City, has been at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization helps clients reach optimal health through comprehensive exams and year-round mentoring and resources. While circumstances continue to change in the City, EHE Health continues to prioritize their growth and innovation.  

Back in March 2020, they decided to adopt a continuous performance management and development strategy. At the time, EHE Health was looking for a solution to address their problems outlined below 

  • The annual evaluation process was challenging for their management team. 
  • Lack of current data to reference when completing annual reviews. 
  • No data or visibility into the workforce to address turnover  
  • Increasing employee engagement and development is a top priority. 

After looking at a number of solutions, they decided upon Truvelop. Why? Truvelop’s easy-to-use and instant feedback functionality would not only increase employee engagement but also create a more efficient talent management and development process.  

Truvelop Promotes Stability and Resilience During Challenging Times 

For the last 16+ months, the preventive healthcare company has continued to adapt. With a high infection rate and ever-changing regulations in NYC, their chances of going back to an in-person environment dropped significantly. For EHE Health, Truvelop proved to be a much-needed constant with a stabilizing effect across the organization.  

Ian Kirlick, Senior Director at EHE Health, explains why Truvelop has been such an important part of their employee development strategy: 

“EHE Health has benefited tremendously from Truvelop.  While my team was working remotely, we were still able to share meaningful constructive feedback to drive production. Our team building and communication never faltered due to Truvelop.”   

EHE Health has leveraged the Truvelop platform to adopt effective ways to celebrate, appreciate, and elevate their top performers, and develop or motivate underperformers. By following Truvelop’s recommended actions and evaluation insights on a regular and consistent basis, their Managers have been adopting proactive versus reactive management strategies to best coach and lead their team during the most challenging of times.  


How Does the App Work for EHE Health?  

With Truvelop, EHE Health established a baseline of their talent landscape and identified their talent gaps. Back in April 2020, 10% of EHE Health’s talent landscape consisted of C Players (Lagging Performers, Low Performers and Underperforming employees). 2) Having the ability to implement employee performance tracking tools over time, Managers could quickly identify and overcome the barriers preventing their Team Members from reaching their full potential and success. As performance data accumulated, EHE Health Managers then used Truvelop’s Proactive Management Cue Cards to find out how to best guide their own management strategy and responses tailored to each team member. An especially useful part of these cards are our conversation starters that promote meaningful, open, and transparent conversations. Today, EHE Health has zero C Players and instead have a workforce of Steady and Rising Performers and Leading, Core and Exceptional Contributors! 

The Benefits of EHE Health’s Weekly Evaluations 

Managers at EHE Health conduct weekly evaluations for their Team Members. We looked at the stats for 2021 and so far EHE Health is evaluating their Team Members 15.6x more than all our other customers. Keep in mind, this is happening all while being at the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Truvelop app is that easy to use. Their evaluation frequency ensures Team Members always know where they stand, what they are doing well, and their key opportunities for improvement.  

The majority of our customers complete evaluations on a monthly or quarterly basis. Monthly evaluations allow Managers to check in on development progress, share recognition, coach, and guide their Team Members towards their performance goals. Weekly evaluations, on the other hand, allow Managers to evaluate their team, celebrate growth from the previous week, and identify focus areas for the upcoming period. Both strategies are productive and efficient, but because the app is incredibly efficient, adaptive and easy to use, EHE Health has found a weekly evaluation frequency to be the most useful to increase meaningful touchpoints in a way that works for their organization. Bottom line, one size does not fit all, and with Truvelop you can customize the right evaluation process that best fits and promotes your Culture. 

EHE Health’s Road to Success 

Under EHE Health’s Continuous Performance Development journey, they use the app to capture observations daily, measure and track performance over time with weekly evaluations, and check in on development progress on a monthly basis. By meeting these regular, consistent utilization goals, Managers can pull up all of this detailed and contextual history when it comes time for quarterly analysis and year-end review. With Truvelop, there’s no high-pressure, bulky review process. The app gets rid the “set it and forget it” mentality that plagues so many organizations. And of course, it removes the guess work and provides the managers with actionable recommendations to drive engagement.  All in all, EHE Health has successfully been using Truvelop to drive overall productivity, operational performance and employee growth and development.  

How EHE Health Utilizes Truvelop to Develop Their Managers 

As we point out in our Manager Resource on Rater Reliability: the more data we collect, the more accurate it will be. When we frequently complete objective evaluations, then we will be able to have a clearer picture of each individual employee. Adding context during the evaluation process matters. EHE Health Managers do a great job adding context including examples of observed behavior to back up their performance ratings when completing evaluations.   

At one point, Ian asked the question of how to assess Managers’ rater reliability – “Are they being objective and fair, and how would he be able to measure that?” In the app, Ian can generate reports to find out which Manager evaluated each Team Member, on what date, and what the evaluation score was. With this information, Ian can further develop the skills of their management team as they analyze the situation, behavior, and impact with a fair and objective perspective.  

What’s the outcome? Managers are developing into better coaches and leaders, and there’s more efficient two-way communication across the entire organization. Add the pandemic into the mix and consistent communication and feedback become paramount.  

Modern Solution for An Agile Workforce 

Here at Truvelop, we value our customers’ needs and strive to make their job easier. With a Manager utilization level of 100%, EHE Health continues to drive development and performance improvement along with retention of top performers and emerging leaders. We look forward to seeing what else is in store for EHE Health and how Truvelop can further help the organization.  

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