Employee Assessment Tools for Growth & Development

Truvelop’s employee assessment software is fast and easy to use, saving organizations hundreds of hours annually. Let us show you how to foster higher engagement, stronger manager-employee relationships, greater retention, and increased profitability.

What is Truvelop?

What is Truvelop?
Our employee assessment software leverages real-time feedback and AI coaching functionality to help employees and managers realize their full potential in the office, in the field, or across the globe – in real time.

Truvelop has reimagined the employee assessment experience. In just 2-5 minutes, managers answer a short survey of 15 questions about an individual team member’s current performance, attitude, and overall maintenance. Truvelop’s proprietary algorithm then identifies where the Team Member is currently performing and what actionable steps both the Manager and Team Member can take together to further the employee’s growth and development. With both Managers and Employees on the same page, they can collaborate on a path forward.

Our ai employee assessment software helps you:

  • Gain insight into how to effectively develop key talent
  • Receive guidance and support on how to best support and coach each individual
  • Make data-driven decisions with individual, department and organizational talent insights
  • Increase employee and manager engagement, performance, and growth
  • Recognize achievement with a contextual history of praise, recognition, coaching, goal(s), and more for each individual employee
  • Use employee assessment tools to gain insight into where you should focus your attention next — in hiring or development

Retention & Development Solution

Proactively Inspire Your Team to Stay Longer and Perform at Their Full Potential.
Truvelop empowers employees to reach their full potential through continuous feedback and coaching and improves meaningful communication between managers and employees – a key driver for employee engagement, a positive employee experience, and ultimately, retention. 

Real-Time Realized
Proactivity Empowered

Management Coaching Platform

Develop managers into better leaders and improve manager and employee performance.

Truvelop enables next generation managers and leaders to evaluate, develop, and transform the people in their organization with employee performance management tools for every role.

Truvelop helps you create clear, measurable results and value-based objectives to measure progress against with critical data and visibility into metrics in the employee appraisal and talent management process.

Mass Communications Tool

Mass Communications Tool

Deliver real-time messaging via text or email to promote meaningful and efficient growth.

Drive positive behavior change between performance periods. Capture valuable performance insights, share praise and recognition, and leave coaching feedback, increasing engagement and retention. Capture key development moments that can easily be referenced later in 1:1 meetings.

Want to try it out?

Employees are starving for real-time feedback. Truvelop is easy to use and encourages employee/manager engagement and records these valuable conversations to track trends in performance.

Kathy Humm

Director of Human Resources, Harkins Builders

When you are in field operations, time is a luxury and teams tend to forget about the employees that are in remote locations. Truvelop has been a great and easy tool that is helping us create the habit of constant feedback to all employees, anywhere they are, making us process-think about their good qualities and ways to guide them to get better.

Rene Brunal

VP of Operations, CleanOffice

The Truvelop team is engaging, willing and able. We know that we have a partner that we can discuss ideas with, assist us in execution, and considers feedback important. The ability to have interactive training and know that our requests will be met with a willingness of “sure, no problem” is extremely valuable to us.



Organizational Benefits

Within weeks of launching the Truvelop’s employee performance platform, organizational leaders will have a real-time talent dashboard helping them make key development and retention decisions. This critical data is proven to deliver measurable improvements in rated performance, employee engagement and turnover, talent mobility decisions, and manager effectiveness.

It’s no surprise that, on average, our customers retain more than 80% of their workforce.


Performance ratings to give organizations a snapshot into their talent landscape


Recognition & praise keeps employees engaged and motivated


Analytics to identify talent gaps and mobility opportunities

Coaching Insights

To develop managers into leaders



Truvelop goes with managers and team members wherever they go—in the field, on a job site, on business trips. With Truvelop’s Android and iOS apps, managers can always log in and either complete a performance review or capture and deliver quick employee observations called Sparks. They also receive recommended coaching actions to best meet their team’s current needs. Using Truvelop, you can:

  • Capture and deliver observations in real-time
  • Measure and track performance over time
  • Take the guesswork out of employee management and development
  • Leverage accurate, visual clarity on the talent landscape across your organization
  • Review, assess, and appraise wherever you are with our mobile solution
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