Employee Complaints Changing HR Role

August 17, 2021

The pandemic has changed expectations for the role HR plays in supporting employees. According to a study from Paychex, 60% of employees believe HR’s focus should be ensuring employees have everything they need to work from home with nearly 50% want to see more focus on employee work-life balance.

HR leaders are concerned about how to better gauge employee morale – the Paychex survey found that more than 55% of HR managers have seen an increase in issues reported since the pandemic began. Common issues include employee benefits, workplace disputes, and equipment issues.

The pandemic has led to an increase in stress and safety concerns, which are only growing as employers plan for a reduction of remote work and grapple with the challenges of bringing teams back to the office. In the study, 38.6% of employee complaints were related to stress while 32% are concerned about workplace safety.

Rather than assume to know what the employees want, need or how they are challenged, HR leaders should open communication with employees – two-way communication is critical!

  1. Simple surveys focused on specific areas can be the first step to improve employee morale. Employees want to be heard and offering a platform to share builds confidence that leaders are interested.
  2. Develop an employee workgroup or committee to monitor concerns and consider potential solutions, changes or improvements. Employee-led change is critical to building trust and engagement.
  3. Encourage managers to consistently recognize employees for performance and wins, big and small. Employees are battling a variety of competing interests and challenges, and figuring out how to navigate the ever-changing pandemic world is stressful. Recognition, even for basic duties, can go a long way in building morale.

“What is different about Truvelop is keeping the human element in mind. It’s not just how people get their work done. It’s how we connect with them – providing immediate feedback, supporting open communication and developing their potential. Partnering with Truvelop helps us create an environment where people find their own happiness.” Ivana Rochac, HR Director, Apartment Turnovers

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