Employee Evaluation In a Remote World

August 4, 2020

Meeting cancelled. Conference cancelled. Game cancelled. Season in flux.

Most schools are going online this fall.

Businesses are still predominantly 100% remote, with many planning on staying that way for the rest of 2020.

Everyone feels the disruption. Everyone is remote. And no-one had this in their three-year business plan. The coronavirus turned markets upside down and businesses inside out. It’s a pandemic teetering on pandemonium. We have no idea how long this will last. But we do see the trend it is creating in the workplace: remote contribution when and where possible. And the issue it is creating is managing and engaging a remote workforce.

The coronavirus drove people home. And it drove businesses to create remote workforces.

Set against that backdrop, you still have to run your business, your department, your group. You still have to evaluate and develop your people. More than ever, your employees need feedback, interaction, and guidance. People need effective leadership and management the most in times of chaos and uncertainty. And motivating people from your sofa—or their sofa—isn’t that easy.

As face-to-face contact in the workplace is rapidly declining, finding ways to interact will become increasingly more challenging—if not impossible—if you rely on the old ways of employee reviews and talent development.

After all, how does someone know how they are doing if they’re working in quarantine or just working from home and they don’t have any actual face time with their boss for two weeks or longer?

Every industry is feeling the impact of the coronavirus. But the impact doesn’t have to devastate your organization.

The key to surviving the disruption—this or any disruption—is communication and keeping your people productive, focused, and supplied with quick, real time feedback and maintaining employee engagement.

Think about it, you don’t want to wait six days, six weeks, or six months to see the latest news with coronavirus? You want to be informed. You want the latest information. You want transparency.

So does everyone who works for you. And not just about the coronavirus. They want continuous feedback about the job they are doing, about the adjustments to the goals you have set together, about where they stand and what they have to do now.

If you are using Truvelop, you are perfectly positioned to give that continuous feedback, maintain high employee engagement and give guidance to your employees. We didn’t develop Truvelop in response to the coronavirus, but we did develop it to help manage an evolving workforce, one that often works remotely, one that wants real time observations, feedback, guidance, one that is changing rapidly.

Truvelop not only serves as an evaluation tool, and an efficient way to increase engagement by consistently providing real time feedback to employees. It is also a risk mitigation tool that helps identify, document and address performance or attitudinal deficiencies as many employees transition to telework.

Coronavirus is the disruption of the moment, but it won’t be the last disruption. We can no longer wait for employee feedback, reviews, and check-the-box, conversations that revolve around gut hunches and no real data. To survive in this current business climate, businesses need solutions that are nimble and adapt with them.

Truvelop takes a totally different approach. It enables you to give your employee continuous feedback and employee assessment reviews in real time with an appraisal system that identifies strengths and weaknesses, and provides recommendations to motivate, retain, and promote talent—regardless of where your employees are.

It goes with you—even if you go into quarantine (again, not part of our initial vision, but it’s true). It continues to give you the ability to deliver real time feedback to the people who work for you and with its multi-directional ability. It gives your employees a way to reach out when they need to interact too. In uncertain and rapidly changing times you need a performance management tool, template and technology to simplify employee appraisals and give managers evaluation resources to generate bottom-line ROI for their company.

Life and business will continue to find ways to send the unpredictable, the unthinkable, and the unbelievable at you. Be prepared. Wash your hands. Change your approach. Think flexible. Think short term feedback. Think interaction—even from the most remote locations.

We thought differently when we developed Truvelop and while just like you we look forward to the days of packed arenas, sold out seminars, and full conventions, we also want to help ensure you and your workforce remain connected, transparent, and on the same page when you do get back together.

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