How the Employee Experience Has Changed

November 13, 2020

What a year. With 2020 (thankfully) coming to an end, businesses across the country have gone through tough changes, pivots, and realignments. Even though many companies made the switch to remote back in March and April, many are still adjusting and adapting to the challenges associated with remote workforce management, and starting to realize the impact on the overall employee experience. And as remote work is here to stay, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Coexisting home and office life – One of the biggest challenges identified by employees working remotely is mixing home and office lives together. Being able to find a balance between personal and work life, while staying engaged with team members and managers, has not been easy. Our customers have identified Truvelop’s Spark and chat features as major enablers of staying connected and engaged with colleagues throughout the workday. With Spark, employees and managers can take the conversation out of email and into a conversational thread within the app that provides for more structure, efficiency, and remote collaboration. 
  1. Revitalizing Culture – Prior to COVID-19, many people used work to build relationships at the office. Employee events, volunteer days, and social gatherings were big components of company culture. However, due to social distancing guidelines and remote work, corporate culture is at risk. Finding new ways to promote relationship building among employees is going to be a key challenge in 2021. Many companies are recreating and reimagining the employee experience and looking for new ways to revitalize corporate culture. 
  1. Agile Goal Setting – Many managers are still getting used to remote workforce management and figuring out what works and what doesn’t when managing remote team members. Agile and collaborative goal setting is a great way to stay connected and ensure performance and productivity are maintained. Consider setting short-term goals and working in sprints versus setting 6-month or 12-month goals. Truvelop is perfect for adopting an agile goal-setting methodology and enables frequent touch points and achievement of multiple milestones along the way. See our recent blog on being an effective manager and leader for more suggestions on managing through these uncertain times.

Truvelop’s desktop and mobile App adds value by driving productivity and increasing engagement between managers and employees — regardless of where the employee is working. With remote work here to stay, it’s important to be mindful on the impact to the overall employee experience. Contact us today to schedule a demo with our Sales team.