Employee Retention Tool for Construction

The construction industry faces many challenges when it comes to:

  • Communicating with employees across job sites
  • Finding the right employees with leadership skills
  • Developing managers into true business and sales leaders

Truvelop’s employee performance tools for construction companies are designed to help foster higher employee engagement, create stronger manager-employee relationships, and improve retention for increased profitability.

How Truvelop works

How Truvelop works

Whether you are running one business, a construction group, or a global chain, maintaining a positive workplace where employees feel valued is critical to project excellence, customer service, safety, recruiting, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

With Truvelop’s employee performance evaluation tools, you can:


Employee assessment tools

See the whole picture

Designed to match the quick pace and agile flow of even the most demanding industries, Truvelop’s employee assessment tools for construction businesses can show how your team is performing today and where improvements are needed. Our evaluation process is fast and easy to use, accessible from any device and location, and is proven to increase employee engagement. Managers simply answer a few simple questions about each team member on a regular cadence, and our proprietary algorithm does the rest.



Employee performance tracking

Motivate your staff and create pathways for growth

While the Truvelop evaluation can measure progress and areas of opportunity, Spark is the driver of positive behavior change. With our Spark employee performance management tool, construction companies can capture valuable performance data, establish realistic performance goals, and provide actionable next steps. Our mobile platform ensures anywhere, anytime access to ensure consistent communication – no matter the location – on site, at the job, or across the country.


Employee performance management

Promote and develop your best employees and managers

Recruiting skilled managers in construction is difficult. Build a culture of development with employee performance management tools that unlock great performance and retention. Truvelop’s AI-based coaching suggestions help managers and employees know exactly what they need to do at every step to grow from a B or C performer into an A while staying engaged and inspired. With both managers and employees on the same page, collaboration on a path forward is easy.



Employee retention tools

Keep your best employees happy

Data is where Truvelop’s true power comes to life. High-level charts and comment logs let you see individual, department, job, and organization-level ratings and talent insights like never before, enabling executive teams to make data-driven decisions about employee and manager development and promotion, hiring and staffing, recognition and reward for improved retention.

Organizational Benefits

Within days of launching the Truvelop employee Performance Management Software, organizational leaders will have a real-time talent dashboard helping them make key hiring, development, and retention decisions. This critical data is proven to deliver measurable improvements in rated performance, employee engagement and turnover, pre-hire and talent mobility decisions, and manager effectiveness.

It’s no surprise that, on average, our customers retain more than 80% of their workforce.


Performance ratings to give organizations a snapshot into their talent landscape


Recognition & praise keeps employees engaged and motivated


Analytics to identify talent gaps and mobility opportunities

Coaching Insights

To develop managers into leaders


Real-time feedback for continuous performance management & development


Team building tools promote career growth & individual development


Analytics inform talent strategy - identify gaps, future leaders, high-potentials, and management development opportunities
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Employees are starving for real-time feedback. Truvelop is easy to use and encourages employee/manager engagement and records these valuable conversations to track trends in performance.

Kathy Humm

Director of Human Resources, Harkins Builders

When you are in field operations, time is a luxury and teams tend to forget about the employees that are in remote locations. Truvelop has been a great and easy tool that is helping us create the habit of constant feedback to all employees, anywhere they are, making us process-think about their good qualities and ways to guide them to get better.

Rene Brunal

VP of Operations, CleanOffice

The Truvelop team is engaging, willing and able. We know that we have a partner that we can discuss ideas with, assist us in execution, and considers feedback important. The ability to have interactive training and know that our requests will be met with a willingness of “sure, no problem” is extremely valuable to us.



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