Engaging and Developing Hispanic Front-Line Workers

September 15, 2022

Approximately 70% of the current US workforce is concentrated in front-line jobs, with Hispanics representing 14% of those workers.

A recent McKinsey report reveals that Three of four front-line workers want to be promoted but less than one in four achieves it.” It also found that front-line hourly employees report the “lowest overall feelings of inclusion of all employees in the workforce, and differences in inclusion emerge as they climb the corporate ladder.”

We recognize this as a tremendous opportunity for companies to fill talent gaps and drive retention.

There are several ways to engage, retain and develop Hispanic employees:

  • Focus on well-being. In a McKinsey survey, Latino front-line employees cite a lack of support for employee well-being as a key reason for leaving their jobs. 45% of hourly employees don’t believe their company encourages them to take advantage of work-life policies without jeopardizing their employment or career advancement.
    • Talk to your employees about how they are feeling, and the challenges they may be facing that may be preventing them from performing at a high level or may be contributing to burn-out. Remind them of the resources and benefits available to them.
  • Develop a career plan and goals. Ask employees what their interests might be and discuss future opportunities for advancement. Analyze existing skills and create a plan to develop new skills to meet their individual goals.
    • Incorporate these goals in the employee assessment process – don’t set goals and forget about them! Provide feedback and encouragement as the employee works toward their goals.
  • Assign a mentor or sponsor. According to the McKinsey report, Latinos “report the second-lowest level of sponsorship, a crucial element in advancement.” Managers can assign employees a mentor or sponsor with expertise in the position or department the employee aspires to transition to. A mentor will be able to answer questions the employee might have, recommend opportunities for skill development, and provide encouragement in their journey.

With the Truvelop app, managers can evaluate performance, track employee goals and progress towards them, aggregate data in one place for future reference, foster two-way, virtual communication with front-line workers, including sparks of encouragement, and survey employees quickly and easily.

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