Engaging Building Services & Maintenance Workers With Truvelop

July 11, 2024

Building services and maintenance workers represent a large portion of our workforce but are often the most overlooked and underappreciated. It’s no secret that increased pressure, longer hours and general uncertainty in the economy are leading to burnout. In fact, surveys have shown that 42% of the global workforce is burnt out, representing a 2% rise over the last quarter. 

And a competitive job market is fueling an intense game of musical chairs as workers seek opportunities for advancement, increased pay, and cultures focused on employee well-being. On top of that, there was a high demand for janitorial and maintenance jobs as the world reopened from lockdown.  The job market for building services and maintenance professionals is also expected to grow by 7% between 2021 and 2031. Building services and maintenance workers also have a high burn rate. One study found that absenteeism and employee turnover rate is as high as 37%.

Managers are increasingly pressured to find ways to retain talent but too often are left to make assumptions, try a few approaches, and see what works. However, when managers assume to know what is best for their employees, they lose respect and damage the manager-employee relationship.

Culture plays a huge role in retaining building services and maintenance workers, specifically manager recognition. Employees want to feel valued and the best way to do that is to foster a strong two-way communication system. It is also crucial to support the professional development of your building services and maintenance staff.

The adoption of new technologies can result in increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, and some technologies, like Truvelop, can help employees engage with their colleagues, and the company, through sharing feedback and communicating with management. If done well, technology can help employees better understand company processes and focus on their professional development, which can improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Forbes Insights and VMWare found workers to be five times more productive by implementing technology for the workforce and four times more likely to report that their company is a desirable workplace.

With the Truvelop app, managers can plan and execute communication efforts with the entire team, and document all the data for future reference. And because the Truvelop app is accessible anywhere on a mobile device, it’s a great tool for building services and maintenance workers.

The Truvelop app helps managers to communicate more effectively with their team and employees to communicate better with colleagues:

  • The Survey feature provides managers with an easy way to monitor employees’ feelings or gain feedback on a new idea, project or policy. It is also a good way to solicit new ideas which can make employees feel valued and empowered.
  • The Spark feature not only allows managers to provide feedback to the employee but also gives the employee the opportunity to respond. Managers and employees can post a note of praise or encouragement for one another, which helps employees see what others are doing and build a sense of community.
  • Managers should plan for regular conversations with employees, which helps develop authentic manager-employee relationships. Don’t just wait for a scheduled team/project meeting.

When managers establish trusted, two-way communication with their teams, all the best practices for retention can be implemented with ease and authenticity.

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